Zinus Fiberglass Review: Is It Worth Your Money?

Fiberglass is a reinforced plastic that acts as insulation and is commonly used by some mattress manufacturers to avoid potential fire hazards.

One famous brand that uses this material in its products is Zinus. The following article is a Zinus Fiberglass review that you may be interested in.

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The Role Of Zinus Fiberglass

Zinus Fiberglass 

Zinus Fiberglass 

This material is no longer strange in today’s life. It is quite a flexible material and can be flexed entirely or created into arbitrary shapes.

In addition, glass fibers are also relatively cheap and very durable, so they are often used in many industries.

The leading role of this material in the beds is its good fire resistance.

Mattresses in the US need to have a fire-resistance requirement before they are released on the market. That is also why it has become one of the relatively inexpensive materials to provide a safe barrier for testing.

However, some answers to this use help ensure user safety because if your mattress accidentally catches fire, the material will begin to melt, slowing down the spread of the fire.

Location of Fiberglass

Of course, it will not be in a position where it can contact your skin. Typically, this material will be inside and covered by an insulating layer below the outer mattress shell. Overall you should be pretty safe using it if your mattress stays intact.

For the Zinus mattress – a product with an elastic shell followed by a fabric covering the foam mattress, this material will be on the outside of the foam.

How To Check Fiberglass In A Zinus Mattress?

There are a few straightforward ways you can tell if your mattress is using fiberglass or not; let’s find out now:

First and foremost, check the information on your mattress label. Usually, manufacturers list information about materials and production places in those labels to provide complete information for users.

Thanks to that, you can know what materials like cotton or memory foam make up what % of the bed.

In particular, the most noticeable factor for you to detect whether fiberglass is in the mattress or not is the “Do not remove the mattress cover” notice printed on the labels of these products.

As mentioned before, the material is usually located underneath the mattress cover, which can be the most straightforward indicator to help you determine if the mattress you are planning to buy has this material.

In addition, there are a few other signs that can help you identify a bed with fiberglass or not; although not 100% sure, you can also refer.

Usually, active mattresses often appear on unofficial sales sites for less than $500 are probably a harbinger of their existence.

Moreover, you can consider before buying cheap products from China, and maybe those cushions use this material for manufacturing with minimal cost.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Fiberglass In Zinus

Fiberglass has both advantages and disadvantages when present in many mattresses on the market. Let’s find out now!


Insulation ability

The first advantage that some manufacturers choose fiberglass in the mattress components is the ability to insulate. This material has a characteristic that you may not know the elements that make it up are very poor conductors of heat. That’s why fiberglass is one of the ideal heat insulators.

Low price

Its cost is also one advantage that manufacturers choose for their mattress products. This material is much cheaper compared to other flame retardants on the market like silica.

Good fire resistance

Good fire resistance 

Good fire resistance 

Next, it is impossible not to mention the fire resistance of fiberglass. This advantage is the leading plus point that makes many bed brands on the market use it in their products, including Zinus. Besides, this type of yarn is also quick and easy, and the use time is also quite durable.

Better choice than chemicals

Better choice than chemicals 

Better choice than chemicals 

Compared to flame retardant chemicals, this material has a higher safety if not exposed to open air. In addition, according to experts, flame retardant chemicals are one of the causes of cancer.

You can watch this detailed review in this video below:


In addition to advantages such as low cost or good fire resistance, many customers using Zinus mattresses have encountered some health problems that we will mention below. That is also the reason why Zinus mattress has mixed opinions when using as well as complaints from users:

Skin and eye irritation

Skin and eye irritation

The first is the irritation when the skin and eyes accidentally come into contact with this fiber. Frequent manifestations of this contact are skin pain, itching, and redness at the contact site.

Depending on the nature of your skin, you may experience constant itching and discomfort when that small debris settles on the area around the eyes and skin.

Contact dermatitis

Contact dermatitis

Contact dermatitis

This problem will be more familiar with people prone to allergies to irritants, and fiberglass is no exception. After irritation, your skin will often develop a rash and extreme discomfort due to tiny particles from the material sticking to the skin.

However, it is not too dangerous. You can use cotton swabs and specific anti-itch creams to relieve discomfort. Basically, depending on each person’s skin condition, the pain will disappear within 1-2 weeks.

Respiratory problems

Finally, we think it’s pretty dangerous that this fiber can affect the respiratory tract if you accidentally inhale it. It can irritate your throat, nose, or lungs. You probably won’t know when the debris from this fiber might get into your lungs if it breaks.

And yet, this debris can enter organs or even cut tissues as they enter the body. This problem also explains why workers often exposed to fiberglass need to wear highly discreet protective gear.


Some of the following questions can help you learn more interesting and helpful information.

Are all fiberglass mattresses the same risk?

The short answer is No because not all mattresses are at risk.

Risks occur when removing the bed cover, or the fiber is not deep enough under the mattress cover. According to statistics from previous threats, the deeper the material is under the cover, the less likely it is to break and come into contact with your skin than too loose glass layers.

Can I remove a mattress cover that contains fiberglass?

You can altogether remove the mattress cover. Still, we do not recommend this to ensure your safety because you can quickly come into contact with the fiberglass at any time as long as it makes you uncomfortable with ear infections or respiratory problems.

Are there any types of mattresses that do not have fiberglass?

There are many mattresses on the market that do not use this material.

However, these mattresses are often quite expensive, around $1,000, and organic cotton or wool. Those materials will slow down the ignition process as well as be able to regulate your body temperature. You certainly won’t wake up with a sweaty back.

Some brands you can consider choosing such as Puffy, Tempurpedic.

Is this material harmful?

One of the questions we have received from many users is safety. There is no real clear answer to this question, and it is necessary to evaluate based on the user’s own needs and buying ability. The answer may or may not be.

It is harmful when you accidentally remove the cover and cause small debris to fall out and enter your respiratory tract. Besides, it can cause allergies and rashes on the skin.

In contrast, mattresses with fiberglass are often cheaper and have better fire resistance and insulation. Moreover, these fiber-containing versions are a perfect choice for those on a small budget.


In general, the fact that the Zinus mattress brand still uses this material in its products still receives a lot of mixed opinions and has received a ban on production and sale in a few countries.

However, the existence of that material in the mattress is not entirely negative, and if you still want to use a Zinus bed, this is possible, and of course, you need to be more careful.

Hopefully, the information the article has provided through the Zinus fiberglass review will help you. If you have any questions or concerns that need to be answered, leave a comment right below the article, and we will send you an answer as soon as possible. Thank you for reading!

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