Should You Let Sick Toddlers Sleep All Day? The Correct Answer Is Here!

Sickness is inevitable, especially with children’s immature immune systems. Viruses can cause frequent bouts of cold, fever, or fatigue. At such times, the toddler becomes more fragile and vulnerable than usual. Parents also noticed a stretch in their daily sleep. The question here is: Should you let sick toddlers sleep all day? Via the article, we will discuss this in more depth and provide some effective aids.

Should You Let Sick Toddler Sleep All Day?

Should you let sick toddler sleep all day -A close-up portrait of a beautiful sleeping child

A close-up portrait of a beautiful sleeping child 

When your toddler is sick, it’s best to let them sleep as much as possible if the schedule allows.

Babies need a few extra hours of sleep to recover from the pain. However, they still need to interact, eat and drink in moderation.

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You can also contact your doctor to get helpful advice on taking care of your baby’s health.

In the process of fighting disease and infection, the body gets tired and exhausted quickly. Fever and fatigue often go hand in hand.

So, let your toddler sleep as much as possible unless your baby’s fever is too high, exceeds 104 degrees Fahrenheit, or seems to be in pain.

Although this may seem complicated, know that this is the time when the body recovers from fighting the virus.

However, if the condition persists for five to seven days, it’s best to contact your pediatrician to get it checked out. As a parent, you will have the best understanding of your child’s body.

Sleep is an essential tool for promoting health. If a baby’s sleep duration increases, it is a sign that the body needs to be healthy.

How Much Should A Sick Baby Sleep?

Should you let sick toddler sleep all day -Mom is checking the temperature of her child

Mom is checking the temperature of her child 

Children and infants with colds or fevers should get a few extra hours of sleep each day to recuperate.

Depending on the child’s body, fatigue and illness, the time increases from 30 minutes to about 3-4 hours.

Some sick children may sleep less than usual and wake up in the middle of the night because babies are disturbed by pain or fatigue that disrupts sleep.

A toddler inevitably gets sick from time to time. Some common causes include colds, allergies, flu, or digestive disorders.

You need to contact your pediatrician immediately for appropriate medical advice for such symptoms.

By letting your baby sleep more when they need it, the body will recharge and have better rest.

Besides, it would be best if you kept in mind that the sick toddler will not be able to fall asleep at any time of the day easily. Some unpleasant reactions of the body can make a toddler more sensitive and easier to wake up than usual.

Parents need to give proper attention to help the toddler feel more comfortable at such times. Sometimes doctors even give your child some nutritional supplements.

How To Help Your Sick Baby Sleep Better

Parents may not get much rest for babies whose sleep is disrupted due to the body’s symptoms of a cold.

You need to create favorable conditions to try to get the most out of their baby’s naps to prevent that.

Should you let sick toddler sleep all day -Mother or therapist massages her child at home

Mother or therapist massages her child at home


One of the first methods is to use boosters to help the toddler sleep easier. However, it would help if you did not take sleeping pills.

Instead, look for prescription medications that your pediatrician provides.

In case your toddler has a high fever, you will probably need to give him fever-reducing medicine right before bedtime. This action will help the baby to sleep better and more profoundly.

Many parents also give their babies Ibuprofen and Tylenol in consultation with their pediatrician. These medications will help your child’s mood become more comfortable and light.

Besides, please add lots of water and TLC. Children, when sick, are often sensitive and want to be loved. So it’s priority number 1.

Babies also cry because of pain or dehydration from diarrhea and vomiting. So you’ll need to keep your toddler well-hydrated.

For breastfeeding babies, feed your baby in more frequent intervals. Weaned babies can get extra water from juice or fruit.

Warm Bath

Make it a habit to take a relaxing soak in a warm bath before bed. This action helps the baby’s body and the mother’s to relax and unwind.

Besides, being in a hot tub also helps relieve pain and aid in the circulation of blockages. As a result, the toddler can fall asleep earlier.

You can also soothe your baby by using lavender lotion or a cleanser.

If your toddler has chest tightness or congestion, you can open the airways using mint and eucalyptus to bathe the baby.


Before going to bed, mothers can apply some gentle body massage to help the body relax. So, the toddler will be able to relax and sleep more deeply than usual.

Massage is very effective if your child’s muscles are aching due to illness.

Besides, this therapy also helps to reduce abdominal pain effectively. This spell effectively puts the toddler back to sleep in the middle of the night.

To learn more about some effective baby massage methods, check out the video.


Last but not least, you should run the humidifier and vaporizer in the baby’s room at night.

These devices can provide moisture in the air at night, even during the winter months.

A humidifier can ease a headache or chest pain with respiratory problems and colds by opening up congested airways.

Some devices even come with a very comfortable night light to help your toddler fall asleep faster and more comfortably.

How Often Should You Wake Your Sick Baby For Feeding?

Although sleep is vital to maintaining babies’ health, you cannot let them sleep all day.

Sick toddlers can sleep more if you maintain a full schedule for their toddler. Your child still needs time to eat, bathe, and socialize with you.

Therefore, breastfeeding on time plays a critical role. If you don’t feed your baby correctly, he’ll become dehydrated and find it harder to recover.

Should you let sick toddler sleep all day -Young woman breastfeeding her child at home Young woman breastfeeding her child at home 

Breast Feeding

Better yet, feed your toddler on the following schedule:

  • Newborn: Offer one to two ounces of milk at
  • a time. Two to three hours apart or on-demand.
  • Two months old: Offer your baby two to four ounces of milk every two to three hours.
  • Four months old: Three to four ounces of milk at a time. The time is two to three hours apart.
  • Six months old: Offer your baby four to five ounces of milk every three to four hours.

Solid Food

Your baby’s diet should gradually transition to solid foods after six months. The amount and frequency of eating will decrease progressively after this period.

Your child’s number of meals and snacks will determine the variation in feeding frequency. Because of weaning, you also need to train your toddler to start drinking water.

Start with 2oz of water for the day. That amount of liquid is just enough to get started.

  • Six months old: You should feed your baby every three to four hours. Feed four to five ounces of milk and a meal of solid foods at a time.
  • Eight months old: Give four to six ounces of milk at a time and two alternating meals. Feeding frequency is three to four hours apart.
  • Ten months old: Maintain the same feeding frequency—each time, you feed four to six ounces of milk and two to three alternating meals.
  • 1-year baby: Maintain the same feeding frequency. You feed four to six ounces of milk each time and three alternating meals.

If you want to keep your toddler well hydrated, make sure the feeding frequency is timed. Signs of good health are when the diaper is wet, and the baby is urinating normally.

Since breastfeeding is so crucial to a baby’s development, wake your toddler up to give them a bottle of breast milk.

Should You Maintain A Routine While Your Baby Is Sick?

Should you let sick toddler sleep all day -Mom is taking care of her sick toddler boy

Mom is taking care of her sick toddler boy

Even when sick, your baby still needs to maintain a regular daily routine. It helps them establish a sense of normalcy and security in life.

A few habits that you should establish for your child include:

  • Lunch and dinner time.
  • Daily feeding and snack times.
  • Bath time.
  • Time to watch TV entertainment.
  • Quiet time and reading.
  • Outdoor playtime.
  • Cleaning time.
  • Time for family.

Don’t hesitate to bend or keep the routine more flexible when your baby is sick. Anyway, the ultimate goal is to help the child recover as soon as possible.

Depending on your condition and health, you can let your toddler sleep or cuddle as much as possible. You can even organize games or help your child relax with a massage or bath.

Don’t worry because you can completely adjust the procedure once your toddler is well again. Also, regularly change the process as your child grows over time.

Should You Train Your Baby to Sleep?

You can sleep train your baby, but only after the toddler is healthier. The method will depend on the baby’s age, sex, and parenting style.

You should keep and test each method for at least two weeks before changing.

With babies who have been sleep-trained before getting sick, it’s much more manageable.

Children can return to their previous schedule after a few tries. Although they will be resistant at first, they will gradually follow the rules.

The key here is patience. After all, your child’s health is most important.

When your baby is sick, give up sleep training temporarily. It would help if you let your child rest comfortably to recover as quickly as possible.


Babies who are sick tend to sleep more than usual. This process is necessary for the child’s body to recover energy and get healthy faster.

You need to help your child maintain daily routines and activities. Regularly wake your toddler for feedings every two to three hours to help keep them nourished and not dehydrated.

Contact your pediatrician immediately if you feel any unusual signs in your baby’s health. Trust your intuition and make the best decision.

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