Here are links to our favourite books, films or articles telling the story behind the textiles industry today or businesses that focus on purpose before profits. 

The True Cost, a Documentary Film  (Highly recommend you start here. Just make sure you have something upbeat to do afterwards!)

Stop The Traffik. Over 200,000 trafficked girls are trapped in the cotton industry today. A short documentary on what modern day slavery means. 

The Wardrobe Crisis, by Clare Press

To Die For: Is Fashion Wearing out the World?, Lucy Siegle 

Chapter One, Thankyou Australia

Business as Unusual, The Triumph of Anita Roddick

Know the Origin (A wonderful business being brewed in the background, who have a truly stunning view of behind the scenes on the cotton trail and source from the same farms as we do!)

Muka Kids (A beautiful blog and a wonderful business that embrace sustainable fashion on so many levels. Buy well, use well, reuse.)

Jose's interview, HUMAN the documentary, Yann Artus-Bertrand. A little off topic, but one of the most wonderful things I have ever seen... reminding us to slow down, be free and live again. The full documentary includes interviews from Cameron Diaz, Jane Goodall, and even Bill Gates. 

Watch all of the 1st part of the documentary for interviews with workers in textile industries. 

Creating a World Without Poverty, Muhammad Yunus

India Unbound, Gurcharan Das. A book with one of my favourite quotes in the world (paraphrasing) - "You win the lottery, the day you are born into a family with the basic wealth and means to take care of you"

Those are just a quick few. More to come!


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