The Little Index of Good: Truly Transparent, Ethical & Eco Brands

I was so excited recently to see H&M providing transparency over their top two levels of production. Not just where their products are made, but even behind that. Transparency is a great step! Even better, the amazing people at the Fashion Revolution have recently published a Transparency Index and OXFAM a list of businesses doing good and better things in the ethical or sustainable space! HOORAY!!

Only, the Transparency Index cuts off at businesses turning over above $36 million a year. So, I wanted to also do a shoutout for brands providing real transparency and ethics who perhaps are a little smaller in scale. The Little Index of Transparency & Good! Enjoy and if you are in fashion, furniture, textiles or even electronics and are forging the way in transparency, ethics and sustainability, let me know if you would like to be included and tell us what goes on behind the scenes.