Organic Bedding FAQs


I want a product but it is out of stock!

If you find that the organic cotton sheets, quilt covers or bed linen that you would like are not available, please email and let us know! We would love to help and we can also let you know when it might be back in stock.


But what if I want a different colour, style or size to the goods you have? 

Let us know! We love your feedback!

We are very excited to currently be ordering stock to suit our UK and US customers too. If you come from other countries please let us know and we will do what we can to include the best sized bedsheets for you. 

We are always expanding our range and would love nothing more than to hear what you would like to see us design and create. The more goods we make that fit just the look you want, the more lives we can make that little bit better too. Please give us a call or email us and let's plan some exciting new things. 


Can I return or exchange items?

We don't want anyone to lose any sleep over our goods. So, if it turns out it wasn't for you, then please just let us know within 30 days and we can arrange a return for you. If you are in Australia returns are free, as long as it is still in its original condition and within 30 days of purchase. Just head over to our Shipping & Returns page for more details on our policy.


What if I am not home when the goods are delivered?
Every parcel is dispatched Requiring Signature on Delivery. If you want to give Authority to Leave without a signature, please let us know in the comments box at checkout and make sure there is somewhere safe to leave the parcel, out of rain and weather. We do not take any responsibility nor offer refunds or exchanges for parcels damaged or missing once the Courier has marked the parcel as "Delivered".  If you are not home a notification card will be left with instructions to pick it up at your convenience. 

We recommend delivering to a business address or a residential address where you know that someone will be home to accept the delivery.


How do I keep my sheets so soft?

For our organic cotton sheets and bed linen we suggest a cold, gentle machine wash using eco-friendly detergents and line dry. Do not bleach or dry-clean but, if you need to, wash and tumble-dry on a warm but not hot setting. We recommend not ironing bed sheets. I mean, a gentle, warm iron won't really hurt them, but we think you have better things to do. Like spending more time to indulge in you. So grab a cuppa, take a nap, a bath, read a book. Do nothing at all... but we strongly advise taking some well-deserved time out. 

The first time you wash your bed linen you will find that it shrinks a little! This is only as we haven't pre-washed it (we didn't need to. There were no nasty chemicals to wash out) and it was made super-sized so it will end up a beautiful snug fit. 


Tell me about thread count!

This is the stuff of luxury hotels. Our organic sheets are a soft, luxurious 300 thread count sateen weave, made from 100% fairtrade, organic cotton. This is the perfect mix of softness, weight and durability so it is often the choice for hotels, who need their sheets to last.

Everyone who has touched them has been blown away! (Phew!!)

We should also point out that we never double (or triple) count our thread. Double counted threads? What does that mean?

Well, in the words of Carly Ledbetter, for the Huffington Post, "Consider this the Martha Stewart equivalent of finding out Santa isn't real... You ready for this? A higher thread count doesn't mean you're buying a better quality sheet." (1)

In order to achieve a very high thread count, you use a thinner, but multiple ply thread. This multiplication can instantly boost your thread count without actually increasing the quality of your sheets. Which means our 300 count can be comparable to what some might call 600 count. 300 thread count makes a beautiful all-year round bed sheet. (As a sneaky little secret... we are currently also looking at adding a 400 thread count sheet to our range. But that is definitely a thick, winter weight!) 

If higher doesn't mean better, then what does matter? Well, the quality of the cotton and yarn, the weave, whether it is organic or not and the quality of the stitching and generosity of seams. These are some primary factors in ensuring the cotton is incredibly soft, durable and stays that way wash after wash. 


Tell me more about GOTS (Organic) cotton and Fairtrade?


We want the best cotton for your skin, for the communities that make our products and for this little earth we all live on. So we decided to only work with processes accredited with what is regarded as the gold standard in organic cotton certifications.

The Global Organic Textile Standard is the leading organic textile standard worldwide. Certified organic cotton means that our beautiful products are made without harmful chemicals at any stage in growing or processing. That factories and processing take strict measures to treat, reduce or recycle any waste. And that all factories uphold the United Nations International Labour Organisation standards. Not as policies - but in real practice.

This extends to any suppliers of the factories too. This keeps the waterways and farmlands clean and toxin free, stops the devastating impact of toxic chemicals on the health of children, communities and the surrounding wildlife, and ensures that workers are all over 18 and are respected with the same human rights that we all deserve.

It also keeps toxic formaldehyde, chlorines bleaches, toxic dyes, finishing and other chemicals far away from your skin (or anyone else's) These chemicals have been found to be highly toxic to aquatic species (which we eat) and to cause endocrine disruption in humans. (1)

Such an incredible impact, created directly by every single purchase made. 


Our bed linens are crafted from hand-picked, luxurious, Fairtrade certified cotton that is then spun, woven, sewn and finished by hand, to an impeccable quality in the softest cottons, in Fair Trade certified factories.

In short, every, single purchase helps stop poverty at the roots and helps families get out of the poverty cycle once and for all. 

Directly, every purchase funds school scholarships for children and pays every single worker, from farm to the finished product a fair or living wage. So you aren't just paying a charity: you are empowering families and children the opportunity to build their own businesses, have an education and stay far away from traffickers hands. 

The textiles industry has gone a long, long way in the wrong direction. It is time to take it back. 

Please also check out our Your Impact and Ethics and Sustainability page for more information on the impact of our goods. 


What are your policies on transparency, ethics and sustainability? 

We assess our business on the actions we have taken and impact we have achieved. To be honest, we've seen too much harm already occur when companies have escaped responsibility through the guise of 'policies'. That's not the kind of business we run. It is our duty to be aware of our impact on the lives of the incredible people who work with us and our impact on the environment we all live in.

For detailed information on our business ethics, sustainability and where and how we source our goods, please have a look at the journey from seed to sheet, visit our page on ethics and sustainability, or if you still have questions then please just contact us.