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Love soft sheets and lazy Sunday mornings? So do I. Even better, I like to know they are made in the most amazing ways. Without the toxins and without the harm...

I started this business in late 2016 because I couldn't understand why we couldn't find the stunning, luxury homewares we wanted, made organically, sustainably, without harming the planet or people. As a new immigrant, having fled war, my Grandmother made a living working as a seamstress, setting up her own business to make ends meet. So I have grown up around textiles and the idea of what it takes for someone to have lived the life of a textile worker, to support their family. 

I've spent over 10 years living, studying, working and volunteering in sustainability, human rights and low-toxicity and couldn't understand why the standards I had to uphold in other industries, just fell through the cracks when it came to textiles. Basic environmental and human issues were being ignored or worse - turned a blind eye. I have worked with women and girls who have been trafficked, are survivors of domestic violence and poverty, have spoken to businesses as to why they hire children and I know that simply charity and legislation alone, don't work. 

We need to start fixing this problem before it starts. Business by business, purchase by purchase - I know we can make it change.

By paying living wages, funding children's education, providing safe places to work and travel, taking care of women who uphold so much of the industry, giving parents options, and ensuring basic rights like health insurance and holidays. Things you and I take for granted - yet so often don't happen behind the scenes. Not just where we "make" our products, the processes we often hear or talk about - but also in the steps long before. 

Now, my job advising businesses in sustainability and investing in clean technologies and infrastructure also meant I've had to spend my fair share of nights travelling the world's hotels. I know what hotel-style quality means - I know how important it is to always come home to your own sanctuary and space... and I know that for you, we needed to create only the very best, softest, most impeccable products, first.

Made for comfort and made to last. Made for you and made not to cause harm to anyone along the way. To respect the people and crafts that brought them to you and to reconnect each of us with the long journey goods make from the land to our door. 

We don't want to compromise on our homes and sanctuaries feeling like a beautiful retreat at the end of the day - but we also don't want to compromise on people's lives or the planet either. Which is part of what kickstarted the business into being:

I remember the day I realised how many harmful toxins were in the production of  the homewares. These toxins were not just impacting us, but also other families, newborns, ecosystems, waterways, food chains and whole communities. Creating devastating environmental and health issues. It just didn't make sense. It hit close to home for us too. 

As a family, we've had to weather eight months of being told our newborn most likely wouldn't survive. Only, we had access to medical health systems and parental leave that were second to none. Free, if we had so chosen. 

And we only had eight months. Not years of wondering how safe the water is to drink, or how long their medical issues will go on for, or how safe they are, or how we can afford to feed our children, or what will happen if one of us loses our job because our child was ill. 

So this is really, how it all came together and where it all began. And why we had to start doing things in a different way. 

Most of all - we wanted to offer people the best quality product out there. Even if you aren't aware of everything going on behind the scenes. You don't need to be. We'll look after that. You, just need to enjoy a better night's sleep!

Our aim is to create a business and products that simply are and do so much better. As a starting point, we pay up to 5 or more times more for our base product to support the artisans behind it. But, you can see, we certainly don't pass this on to you. 

And we are expanding our range everyday. It takes me a while to bring in new products, because I want to vet them thoroughly and know they are exactly a I need. I ask questions of suppliers most people don't even know are questions we could ask and make sure we truly know the full process. I don't want designs or products to go out of trend.

Moving into blankets, new textiles like flax linen, upcycled denims and so many exciting things! Make sure you sign up to learn about new product launches too. 

Do have a read our reviews to see what our customers think! We are blown away by the reviews we get and people have been emailing us with full page reviews, which is amazing!

All you have to do, is snuggle in. Sleep-in. Enjoy life's little moments... and focus on the important things. For you, and the amazing world around you. We're dealing with some serious issues behind the scenes, but that just reminds us we all need to enjoy the simple pleasures in our own lives a whole lot more!

xx Anne 

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