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Love soft sheets and lazy Sunday mornings? So do we. Even better, we like to know they are made in the most amazing ways. Without the waste, the toxins and without the harm...

We started this business in late 2016 because we couldn't understand why we couldn't find the stunning, luxury homewares we wanted, made organically, sustainably, without harming the planet or people. Our own Grandmother made a living working as a seamstress, setting up her own business to make ends meet! So we have grown up around textiles and the idea of what it takes for someone to have lived the life of a textile worker, to support their family. 

We've worked in sustainability and we've worked with women and girls who have been trafficked, are survivors of domestic violence and poverty. 

We want you to have access to the very best products - that behind the scenes, are doing all they can to try to stop this kind of thing from going on. We also know that so much is going wrong, that it can't be solved through charity and legislation alone. 

We want to start fixing this problem business by business, purchase by purchase - we know we can make it change.

By building warehouses to minimise waste, educating farmers about sustainable production, reducing water, using renewable energy, supporting local communities, caring about the impact we have on the environment, right back to the farm. By paying living wages, funding children's education, providing safe places to work and travel, taking care of women who uphold so much of the textiles industry.

Most of all - we wanted to offer people the best quality product out there. Even if you aren't aware of everything going on behind the scenes. You don't need to be. We'll look after that.

We're dealing with some serious issues behind the scenes, but all you need to do, is snuggle in. Sleep-in... and focus on the important things. (And help spread the word by telling your friends!)





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