New product launches

We are just warming up... and have some amazing things going on behind the scenes. Stunning new knitwear, international sizing, baby bedding and even looking into that wonder-fabric flax! It takes a little longer, because everything we do, we do without compromise on end product and its impact on the world. So we ask more questions, demand more from our suppliers and won't compromise when we find something that isn't quite right. 

But, we are working on it!

And, we're even thinking about something a little cosier for you too... 

new organic bedding products

We'd love you to join us as we launch some amazing new things... 

We are working toward the Autumn 2017 season (that is Spring 2017 for all you Northern Hemisphere folk!) with some stunning new products, including:

  • FLAX. LINEN. I know, that drool worthy, sustainable wonderful stuff. Unforunately, finding flax that is sustainable, non-dam retted, organic and ethical is HARD TO FIND. As well as being of incredible quality. Flax is that amazing fabric that when done right, you fall in love with. When done wrong... it is an expensive exercise that ends up in the cupboard or hiding on the guest bed...
  • Superking size sheet sets and pillows
  • International sizing to follow the amazing international support!!
  • Gorgeous Australian wool blankets (sustainable and organic and uniquely, never leaving Australian shores from farm to finish)
  • Special printed cot and baby bedding
  • Adult and baby blankets
  • And a few other gorgeous pieces in the works... 

Do sign up to make sure you are the first to find out when we launch our new ranges. 

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xx Anne

ps.  In fact, what we'd really love to know, is what you'd like to see us make? If we run with one of your suggestions, we will need someone to test out new products won't we?!


organic bedding journey
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