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Customer & Press Reviews


"The softest, most sumptuous and chic organic bed linen. With all they are doing behind the scenes, showing business can be done so much better, it isn't hard to see how this business has captured the hearts (and beds) of Hollywood stars and customers around the world"


" ...timeless, elegant products for long-lasting style.
Simply making beautiful things in a better way"


"the softest in the world.... a minimal, sustainable collection that’s good for the world and good for your wallet.
They believe in ethical business and boy, do they deliver."



"...hotel-quality bedding made using the highest level of organic certification. ... incredibly soft and made to last a lifetime"


"the birth child of one woman’s dream to make a difference from the maker to the consumer."


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My first order started with a very minor mix up of the wrong size being sent. On writing to Elkie & Ark, I was totally blown away with the amazing customer service, the responsiveness, and the grace around the process. The returns process was easy. The replacement set came within 2 days. Let me just mention how wonderfully packaged these sheets are. I was conscious of the attention to detail in the recycled cardboard packaging - no sticky tape used ... and then inside beautiful paper and the sheets put into a linen bag that I can now use for other things. Plus a hand written note of thanks. And then, there is the sheets! They are everything ... and a bag of chips! They are so soft silky and comfortable. Quality is incredible and I am picky with my bed linen. They breathe really well and are luxurious feeling. Highly recommended.

But even more than that, I love that there is story behind this family company: they have a sustainable vision, and a beautiful website where you can find out all you want about the processes that their linens go through to get onto your bed. A fair trade story is important to me . Thanks Elkie & Ark -- I'll be a return customer for sure!

Great nights sleep

The products live up to the hype, highly recommended!


These sheets are absolute bliss to my body, mind and soul. They’re beautiful to sleep on, generous ear in the fit and a clean simple sewing design, even more delightful is the sustainable and ethical production. Bliss on all levels

Love the products and the ethics behind this company. Thankyou for caring

Sweet dreams

These sheets are so gorgeously soft. Will be buying more and can’t recommend them enough. Customer service experience is outstanding as well.

Amazing quality and customer service

I am completely in love with my hotel collection sheets in cloud white. I cannot wait to convert my whole household over to Elkie & Ark. The customer service is also amazing.

Belgian quilt set

I would like to commend Tom for his outstanding customer service.
We received the wrong order and we sent an email letting them know about the mix up within a couple of hours Tom called very apologetic and he personally drove to our home, mind you it was a Saturday night to make the exchange.
We never had an issue resolved so fast and with such sincerity from any company before. All I can say to anybody a quality product accompanied with excellent customer service to look no further than Elkie and Arc
Once again thank you so much Tom for your care

Thank you for the most beautiful bed linen, I love it!
And thank you for being a business that is so thoughtful and truly caring for individuals and the planet.

Beautifully soft

Gorgeous sheets, buttery just like Belgian linen is meant to feel like. Happy.

Supporting Australian sustainability

Thank you Elkie & Ark,
Our beautiful sheets for my daughter arrived very quickly from the time of order and were packaged with care (no plastic) with a lovely hand written note.
Why buy at big department stores or chains when we can support small farmers and an Australian small business who genuinely care for the environment and your well-being and health?


So anticipated. So delivered. Not getting bedding anywhere else

Get a room? More like living in the palace

The sheet set was hotel standard and more! Felt like royalty!
Just divine.

Beautiful Linen

I’ve purchased three sets of Elkie and Ark linen. They are wonderfully soft and very easy to care for. I love the packaging - they are sent with obvious care and attention to detail. I am gradually replacing the linen on all of our beds. I love this brand.

Luscious linen

Very happy with my new sheets. They’re soft (and that’s even before their first wash), breathable and presented oh so thoughtfully in a box with a free tote bag and gift vouchers. Thank you team. So happy to support a small, ethical business.


Getting into a bed with these sheets is smooth, soft and makes you feel like you're getting inbetween clouds. Luxury plus.

Love love love my new sheets!

Beautiful feel, quality product, and even better knowing I am supporting people who are clearly doing anything and everything they can to do things right every step of the way. Thank you Elkie & Ark.

Seriously Amazing Quilt Set

I was blown away by my new Elkie & Ark quilt set. I've bought other linen sheets and products from other quality brands, but these feel seriously different. They have such a lovely weight and worn in feel, and knowing they are organic and ethical makes it all worthwhile. Even my husband was impressed....which means a lot considering he usually has no interest in or opinion on bed linen!

Pure Peace Silk Pillowcase

Silk pillowcase

I have slept on my silk pillow case for seven nights now and can say that I am very impressed.
I sleep on my face and even though I usually sleep for eight hours my face would look puffy and tired in the morning.
I must admit that I was having a high hope that the silk pillowcase would help as I read some positive articles about it.
After the first night of sleeping on my silk pillowcase
I looked at my face and noticed a huge difference, my face did not look tired and puffy. And after seven nights of sleeping on it my face still looks definitely fresher than before.
I am very very happy.
Thank you Elkie and Ark

Feels so good

Thanks for the opportunity to buy such a good quality product and feel so good about it. Hubby, the kids, the dogs, the cat and I are sleeping soundly.

Such Quality

What beautiful, soft, luxurious sheets! It’s very hard to find sheets that are of such quality and also GOTS certified. Well done ELKIE & ARK! I can’t wait to put them on my bed!

Love them!

Took a risk as I hadn't previously heard of elkie ark before but I sure am glad! Beautiful colour and quality. Will be recommending them!

Cotton sheet set

These sheets are incredible and knowing they’re organic & fair trade just tops it off. Even my boyfriend noticed the improvement in his sleep. Im hooked and won’t be buying sheets elsewhere. Definitely a customer for life!

Silk pillow cases

They are beautiful thank you

Hotel Collection Organic Pure Cotton Sheet Set in Dove Grey

I recently purchased Elkie & Ark's Hotel Collection Organic Pure Cotton Sheet Set in Dove Grey. I'm really impressed by the quality of the sheet set. I also feel great knowing I'm sleeping on bedding that hasn't been treated with nasty chemicals.

"We are 1200 Egyptian cotton sheet converts!"

Colour and Size Charts



Alpine White: Pure, crisp white. The perfect centre of attention and accompaniment to any room. Whitened strictly under certified GOTS organic certification, with without toxins or bleach. 

Natural flax: A stunning light almond or camel tone. Timeless and perfectly suited to earthy, wood-based room schemes. Undyed and unbleached.  

Eucalypt grey: A whisper light grey, with subtle tones of olive or sage in natural light. A beautifully natural grey, suited to rooms filled with wood, green hues or against pure white. 

Charcoal grey: A deep, beautiful charcoal. A beautiful contrast to a classic white scheme or moodier, rooms.


Cloud White: Pure, crisp white. The perfect centre of attention and accompaniment to any room. Whitened strictly under certified GOTS organic certification, with without toxins or bleach. 

Natural: Our favourite colour. A light sand or very modern ivory. Perfect colour for people who love light colours, but don't suit pure white. 

Dove grey: A light warm and truly elegant grey. 



Short Fits size 6-10 women. Length approximately to knee or above with 3/4 sleeves

Fits sizes 10-14 women. 
Or anyone wanting extra length below the knee, and sleeves with extra length 



Small Fits approximately sizes 6-10 women
Medium Fits approximately sizes 10-12 women



Fitted Sheet Sizes

Elkie & Ark (Australia &
New Zealand)



North America

91 x 193 x 40cm
36" x 76" x 16"

90 x 190 x 35cm

90 x 190 x 35cm


99 x 190 x 40cm
39" x 75" x 16"

King Single
107 x 203 x 40cm
42" x 80" x 16"



Twin XL
99 x 203 x 40cm
42" x 80" x 16"

137 x 193 x 40cm
54" x 76" x 16"

140 x 190 x 35cm

140 x 190 x 35cm


137 x 191 x 40cm
54" x 75" x 16"


152 x 203 x

40cm (linen sheets)

50cm (cotton sheets)
60" x 80" x 20"

150 x 200 x 35cm

160 x 200 x 35cm


152 x 203 x 40/50cm
60" x 80" x 16/20"

King 40 cm
183 x 203 x 40cm
72" x80" x 16"

King 50 cm
183 x 203 x 50cm
72" x 80" x 129"

Super King
183 x 200 x 35cm


193 x 203 x 40/50cm

76" x 80" x 16/20"

Super King 40cm
203 x 203 x 40cm

80" x 88" x 16"

Super King 45cm (no seams)
203 x 203 x 45cm
80" x 88" x 20"


Super King
200 x 200 x 35cm

California King

183 x 213 x 40 cm
72" x 84" x 16"

77 x 140 x 19cm
30" x 55" x 7.5"

70 x 140 x 19cm

60 x 120 x 19cm

71 x 132 x 19cm
28" x 52" x 7.5"



(1) Measure the height (or 'drop') of your mattress including any mattress toppers

(2) If it is less than 40cm, you need our lovely 40cm fitted sheets

(3) If it is higher than 40cm, you need our extra-generous 50cm fitted sheets, available in our essential white cotton range. 

Quilt Cover Size

Elkie & Ark (Australia &
New Zealand)



North America

180 x 210cm
70" x 83"

200 x 200cm

200 x 200cm

198 x 210cm
78" x 83"

Queen (cotton)
210 x 210cm
83" x 83"

225 x 220cm

210 x 160cm

223 x 233cm
88" x 92" 

245 x 210cm
96" x 83"

Super King
260 x 220



270 x 233cm
106" x 92"

Pillow Cover Sizes

Australia, New Zealand, UK, Europe and North America
Standard & Oxford Pillow Cases

50 x 75 cm (Oxford with 5 cm trim)

21" x 31"

King Pillow Cases (special order only. All sets come with Standard pillowcase as standard or Oxford for linen quilt covers. King sets do not come with a King pillowcase as standard.) 55 x 90cm
Mini Pillow Cases 30 x 40 cm
European Pillow Cases 65 x 65 cm