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sustainable organic cotton

When we found out everything that goes on in the textiles industry, we knew it had to change. We also knew, we had to create products that were not just made better, but were more beautiful, softer, more stylish and luxurious too. Not just where our products are 'made' but at every single step, right back to the farm.  


The responsibility for how our products are created, doesn't end in how they are "made".

It goes way back, right back to the farm and every step in between. We know that we need to know who is crafting our beautiful clothes, where they are made, what conditions they are working in. What we are doing to build up communities.

Not just the 'makers', but the thousands of farmers, spinners, ginners, weavers and so many others too all working so incredibly hard to make our goods. We believe they are no less a part of the process than the end makers. Yet too often we see these people being forgotten. It doesn't need to be done that way!

And we don't just think about the products. We think about the water and environment around every step of production, the packaging, minimising waste, and ensuring low emissions logistics. 

In fact, have a look below and you can see all the things we are doing. We know business can be done just so much better. Thankfully, all you need to do, is have the best night's sleep! And sleep-in more. We certainly champion that!

We've summarised all the things we put into making our organic cotton that much better... 


Want even more details? If you're into more information, we've got lots more on our sustainability and ethics to read.


organic bedding journey
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