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The journey of our fabrics. True craftsmenship. Real land. Real lives. Stopping waste, water use, emissions and supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We got to incredible lengths so that everything we do is - simply - made better.

The highest grade, natural fibres. Strictly from only Australia, Belgium or Fairtrade certified farms.

Like our zero waste, zero irrigation certified Belgium flax. Or 100% certified Fairtrade, organic cotton, using up to 80% less water than conventional cotton, teaching sustainable farming, literacy and supporting communities who have farmed cotton for generations.

From day one, we dedicated our business to finding the highest quality products - made in the best way. Sustainably, toxin free and ethically.

We make our products with care at each step, right back to the land and communities who farm them. Just some of the reasons we are Australia's highest scoring homewares BCorp and first in our industry.

Upholding our strict ethos for people and planet. Not only do we pay more profits back to farmers and workers, but a portion of every sale goes back to the farmers and to supporting human rights and children's health around the world.

Grown and made in strictly sustainable, toxin free ways.
Using organic farming and production. Better for you and the communities who grow, weave and craft them.  

Supporting Australian rural groups with our sustainably grown, all-Tasmanian wool, zero-irrigation Belgian flax and fair trade organic co-operatives in India where for generations cotton or peace silk has traditionally been grown.

Choosing land where cotton and flax are sustainably grown and native too - not just where they are grown today.

We're a family-run business, and want to bring our customers back to the true craft of linen. The weavers, farmers and spinners and impeccable, old-school business and quality.

Creating indulgent, impeccably made products to last, not end up in next year's landfill. Shipping plastic free. Recycling and upcycling, reducing energy, water and waste.

From our zero-waste, zero irrigation flax, to our plastic free packaging, teaching of sustainable farming and support of non-GMO seed banks.

No bleaches. No AZO or toxic dyes. No formaldehyde. No toxic pesticides. No anti-pilling treatments. No toxic chemical softening or processing. No heavy metals. The things you normally don't hear about, don't want in your bed and that flow into the rivers that connect us all.

We use only certified organic cotton and linen, upholding the world's strictest standards, from the farm right through to the finished product.Even with recycled and upcycled fibres

Providing education, opportunity and empowerment from farm to finish. We've donated 100% of profits to charity to date.

We started this business having worked on the ground with trafficked women, survivors of domestic violence and speaking with big businesses to understand the real reasons why children were still working in factories and fields. We know first hand the impact of education and empowerment to start a change.

Every sale supports literacy programs, school scholarships for children, anti-trafficking and more.

Not only do we pay many times back to our makers, to date, 100% of profits have been donated to charity, supporting anti-trafficking, women's education and training, crisis relief and children's health.

Made differently. We are a small, family-run Australian business. Creating products customers
rave about - simply made better.

Colour and Size Charts



Alpine White: Pure, crisp white. The perfect centre of attention and accompaniment to any room. Whitened strictly using the same whitening required under certified GOTS organic, with without toxic bleach. 

Beach: A stunning light almond or camel tone. Timeless and perfectly suited to earthy, wood-based room schemes. One of our perennial best sellers.

Blush pink: One of our most complimented colours! A stunning whisper light pink blush, with undertones or beige. Designed as a unisex and adult blush colour. Looks stunning against white or Beach colours. Please refer to our beautiful in room shots to see how the colours work together. 

Cloud Grey: A pure, light grey, strong enough to make a statement and light enough to match many rooms. Goes beautifully with white, navy or blush. 

Charcoal grey: A deep, beautiful charcoal. A beautiful contrast to a classic white scheme or moodier, rooms.

Mist Grey: A stunning light blue with hues of light grey. The favourite for summer and winter style. Perfect in beach side settings or elegant English style homes. 

Midnight Navy: A deep navy that sings. This colour is stunning beyond description and the perfect finish to an elegant room. 

We have colour samples for some of our colours so please just call or email and ask if you have any questions at all to help you get just the right colour for your room. 


Cloud White: Pure, crisp white. The perfect centre of attention and accompaniment to any room. Whitened strictly under certified GOTS organic certification, with without toxins or bleach. 

Natural: Our favourite colour. A light sand or very modern ivory. Perfect colour for people who love light colours, but don't suit pure white. 

Dove grey: A light warm and truly elegant grey. 



Short Fits size 6-10 women. Length approximately to knee or above with 3/4 sleeves

Fits sizes 10-14 women. 
Or anyone wanting extra length below the knee, and sleeves with extra length 



Small Fits approximately sizes 6-10 women
Medium Fits approximately sizes 10-12 women



Fitted Sheet Sizes

Elkie & Ark (Australia &
New Zealand)



North America

91 x 193 x 40cm
36" x 76" x 16"

90 x 190 x 35cm

90 x 190 x 35cm


99 x 190 x 40cm
39" x 75" x 16"

King Single
107 x 203 x 40cm
42" x 80" x 16"



Twin XL
99 x 203 x 40cm
42" x 80" x 16"

137 x 193 x 40cm
54" x 76" x 16"

140 x 190 x 35cm

140 x 190 x 35cm


137 x 191 x 40cm
54" x 75" x 16"


152 x 203 x

40cm (linen sheets)

50cm (cotton sheets)
60" x 80" x 20"

150 x 200 x 35cm

160 x 200 x 35cm


152 x 203 x 40/50cm
60" x 80" x 16/20"

King 40 cm
183 x 203 x 40cm
72" x80" x 16"

King 50 cm
183 x 203 x 50cm
72" x 80" x 129"

Super King
183 x 200 x 35cm


193 x 203 x 40/50cm

76" x 80" x 16/20"

Super King 40cm
203 x 203 x 40cm

80" x 88" x 16"

Super King 45cm (no seams)
203 x 203 x 45cm
80" x 88" x 20"


Super King
200 x 200 x 35cm

California King

183 x 213 x 40 cm
72" x 84" x 16"

77 x 140 x 19cm
30" x 55" x 7.5"

70 x 140 x 19cm

60 x 120 x 19cm

71 x 132 x 19cm
28" x 52" x 7.5"



(1) Measure the height (or 'drop') of your mattress including any mattress toppers

(2) If it is less than 40cm, you need our lovely 40cm fitted sheets

(3) If it is higher than 40cm, you need our extra-generous 50cm fitted sheets, available in our essential white cotton range. 

Quilt Cover Size

Elkie & Ark (Australia &
New Zealand)



North America

180 x 210cm
70" x 83"

200 x 200cm

200 x 200cm

198 x 210cm
78" x 83"

Queen (cotton)
210 x 210cm
83" x 83"

225 x 220cm

210 x 160cm

223 x 233cm
88" x 92" 

245 x 210cm
96" x 83"

Super King
260 x 220

Super King
240 x 270cm
94" x 83"
270 x 233cm
106" x 92"

Pillow Cover Sizes

Australia, New Zealand, UK, Europe and North America
Standard & Oxford Pillow Cases

50 x 75 cm (Oxford with 5 cm trim)

21" x 31"

King Pillow Cases (special order only. All sets come with Standard pillowcase as standard or Oxford for linen quilt covers. King sets do not come with a King pillowcase as standard.) 55 x 90cm
Mini Pillow Cases 30 x 40 cm
European Pillow Cases 65 x 65 cm