Is It Safe To Sleep With An Apple Watch On?

In the era of 4.0 technology development, increasingly modern digital devices make people’s lives easier and more convenient. And it is impossible not to mention the Apple Watch.

The version integrates smart features such as monitoring health indicators, making calls, notifying the measurement of fitness consumption, heart rate. But, is it safe to sleep with an Apple watch on?

Yes. The EMF frequency of most Apple watches versions is relatively low. Therefore, it is pretty safe when you go to sleep with an Apple watch.

Of course, you can add a tracking strap to prevent radiation for the highest safety. For more details, read the detailed article below!

Is It Safe To Sleep With An Apple Watch On?

Sleep With An Apple version On

Sleep With An Apple version On

Safety in the use of smart devices is not an unfamiliar topic. This question always seems to be a contentious one from both manufacturers and experts alike.

Many people indicate that the frequent use of digital tools will be dangerous to the brain caused by the interference of radiation emitted by intelligent devices. 

Is this true or false? Through research, you carry one all the time, and when you go to sleep, it is not as harmful as you think. Worries about electronic frequencies (EMF radiation) do not damage the central nervous system.

Using an Apple for a long time can be considered relatively safe because the radiation indicators emitted by the device are minimal.

Yet, in some cases, we also recommend that you limit use when sleeping because the product can cause discomfort, affecting some people’s quality of rest time.

Tips To Use Apple Safely For Sleep

To put you in the position of being a lover of technology items, carrying them around day and night, here are some ways to safely turn on your Apple Watch when you go to sleep.

Using anti-EMF aids

If you are a person who focuses on your health, maybe an electronic frequency blocker strap is a handy application.

As mentioned above, there is a downside to everything; Apple is no exception.

Unlike other tools, the technology giant’s watch also specifies a small amount of radiation emitted from the device.

Although it is a minimal amount, it is impossible to confirm that it does not cause damage through direct skin contact over a long period.

So to ensure absolute safety, you should prepare yourself a strap with anti-EMF function.

Use a watch strap with a comfortable material.

comfortable material

comfortable material

On each person’s wrist, the strap occupies up to ¾ of the contact position of the skin. So, the emotional state of wearing the device while sleeping is always reflected by many people.

In the beginning, when you buy a watch, the strap that the company comes with is suitable for almost everyone; the material is mainly made of rubber, gas permeable, durable and painless.

But suppose you want to choose a new strap to make it more convenient to match the fashion, customize the size and color.

In that case, my sincere advice is that you should buy textured quality straps suitable materials and identify the ingredients to avoid skin allergies.

Some types of straps can refer to rubber or nylon materials. When manufactured, these are all good ingredients that will create a product that feels more comfortable when used to sleep.

Customize your watch to the right size

Choosing a bracelet is also an important factor determining your sleep. Not to mention the case of the strap loosening, it is not good if you squeeze the watch too small for your hand, it will make it difficult for the wrist blood vessels to circulate, even causing a temporary loss of feeling in the hand.

From there, you should determine the correct measurement so that the strap fits snugly to ensure that the product can both perform the full function of monitoring sleep times and still make you comfortable.

At the same time, advice has also been given. According to a specific period, remove the device from the body for an hour so that the skin has time to rest and maintain proper hygiene to avoid irritation and redness. 

Sleeping position

Sleeping position

Sleeping position

Lying flat on your back will cause your body weight to concentrate on the bed. Minimize the weight on your arms.

The face also won’t press hard on your wrist, causing pain that interferes with your sleep in the middle of the night.

“Do not disturb” mode setting

It will be wrong when a good night’s sleep is interrupted by unnecessary notifications.

In this case, we recommend setting yourself to airplane mode or not disturbing. It will help you capture notifications, messages, calls from friends and partners intelligently without disturbing your rest.

Theater mode setting

Theater mode allows your watch to completely mute the sound, minimizing the appropriate lighting for times when you need a quiet space to rest.

At a glance, you will see that the functions are pretty similar to the airplane mode or the module face screen.

Just click on the comedy tragedy mask icon available in the main screen interface to activate.

Setting the “Modular side” screen

The “Modular Face” structure-format display features one of the 10 Apple watch home screen modes in total, each with its function.

This configuration allows you to customize applications with outstanding information of interest, minimizing unnecessary spam.

In addition, adjusting the screen brightness is also a consideration because the color of the light is also the leading cause of insomnia.

For more tips to follow, check out this video:


This article has clarified questions about the safety of using the Apple Watch at bedtime and measures to help ensure safety during your rest.

Hopefully, you can explain the above problem scientifically with the general knowledge that we have provided. 

Thank you for reading!

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