A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Wash Bamboo Sheets

Bamboo sheets and bedding is a product that has become quite popular in recent times. The reason is that bamboo fabric feels softer than when you use cotton. Bamboo sheets are hypoallergenic, so they can also be used even if your family has young children. 

However, those who first use this product will not know how to clean. Today, we will learn together how to wash bamboo sheets!

  • Washing and fabrics
  • Drying and natural fiber textiles
  • Shrinkage when washing and clothing
  • Wrinkling and ironing bedding
  • Retaining softness

The article will analyze in detail each step of the above process. 

Let’s find out now!

How To Wash Bamboo Sheets?

Wash bamboo mat

Washing bamboo sheets and fabrics

Although bamboo brings a feeling of luxury, elegance, and softness when used, it will not last if regularly washed or cleaned.

In general, cleaning bamboo bedding is relatively easy; it’s like you would wash any other natural fiber clothes. You need to pay attention to 2 things: cold washing and drying the product at a low setting.

Washing and drying often cause your product to become thinner. If you wash at a high temperature, the impact of the threads on each other is more significant. It is true not only for bamboo bedding but for most types of clothing.

However, if you wash items with grease, odors, mud, chocolate, etc., you can use high-temperature water to clean, but you should not expect too much on the product’s durability.

Drying bamboo sheets and natural fiber textiles

If you always want to keep your items, set the dryer to the lowest setting or a setting suitable for each product. Putting dryers in common means they consume less energy, releasing less carbon.

You can choose products from fabric; minimizing the impact on the environment is also quite important.

The dryer is always a device that consumes a lot of energy in your home appliances. So, you should keep your bamboo bed sheets drying at a moderate level and possibly still have a little moisture to keep them from wrinkling.

According to the National Resources Defense Council report, Americans spend about $9 billion a year opening and operating their clothes dryer stores.

In fact, with outdated technology and a lack of policies to promote the industry, a modern dryer that integrates many new applications can equal all other types in the household.

Therefore, reducing the time to put clothes in the dryer helps clean bamboo sheets and clothes become more durable, saves energy, saves costs, and contributes to combating climate change.

When you leave dryer sheets for too long in the dryer, their fabric will wear out faster. And sometimes you’ll also get some pilling.

Pilling is as small balls formed on the surface of the material. If your products show more and more pilling, they will lead to lint.

It may cause your furniture to no longer be as soft as initially.

Besides drying sheets, you can also spend about 10-15 minutes hanging your items in the air because thanks to the impact of the sun and wind, the products dry quickly, saving electricity.

Shrinkage when washing and clothing

Shrinkage is quite rare, or if it does, it is only to a minimal extent with products from fabric. In general, products made from fabric are 4% larger to help adapt to stretch in washings.

If you do not want your items to be too stretchy, limit drying or drying at high temperatures to always keep the softness in each product.

Clothes made from 95% bamboo fibers and 5% spandex will not stretch as much as products made from 70% bamboo fabric and 30% organic cotton.

Wrinkling and ironing bamboo bedding

Some conventional sheet manufacturers will use formaldehyde to help their products not wrinkle or stretch too much during use.

Formaldehyde is a strong chemical that holds the fibers in place. It is also an essential substance for use in plywood or embalming.

However, it is not available for daily use such as bedding, mattress, or clothing.

Therefore, manufacturers that use bamboo fabrics will not use formaldehyde. So, although you will notice a specific wrinkle during use, it is highly safe for the user’s health.

To keep your products wrinkle-free, one tip is to take them out of the dryer before they’re scorched.

Then, put them on a flat surface or hang them up to continue drying.

If you need to get rid of surface wrinkles, you can use an iron but gently on low heat and iron, being careful not to burn.

Retaining softness

Do not worry too much about how to keep your sheets as soft as the original! Just follow the basic care instructions, cold wash, and tumble dry on low settings, and your sheets will always be smooth and smelling good.

We do not recommend using harsh chemicals to soften fabrics or prevent wrinkles such as formaldehyde because they can affect your health.

Can I Machine Wash My Bamboo Sheets?

Washing machine

Washing machine

Yes. You can wash bamboo sheets in a washing machine. If you want your bamboo sheets to always be as soft and clean as before, use the gentle cycle on the device.

Products will keep better quality when washed in cold water because using hot water will cause them to stretch the care for your bamboo fibers.

It is best not to use hot water during the cleaning process. In addition, a small note is not to use bleach on your products.

Do not use any fabric softener when machine washing.

Only this fabric has a certain softness. Therefore, you need to pay attention to how the laundry will retain its original softness after each cleaning.

Can You Tumble Dry Bamboo Sheets?

Tumble Dry sheets

Tumble Dry sheets

Technically, you can tumble dry will bamboo sheets pill.

However, you can dry your blankets and pillows to help preserve the original fabric, color, and elasticity. Do not forget to choose the lowest temperature when drying.

Natural drying (thanks to air, sun, wind) is the best method to care for bamboo sheets. Sun-drying not only helps the product to dry naturally but also gives it a cleaner feel.

Can You Wash A Bamboo Pillow in The Washer?

pillow washing machine

pillow washing machine

If you use bamboo pillows, it’s essential to clean them regularly, about 1-2 times a week. The reason is that this place will contain a lot of dirt from the air, scalp, and sweat over time.

A pillow is made from various materials to keep its original shape, hardness, and elasticity. Therefore, washing by hand will be suitable for washing machines.

Before washing, you can also soak them with water, soap, or a natural detergent to help clean and still be healthy.

For detailed information, check this video:

How to Get Body Oil Out of Bamboo Sheets?

Although cotton sheets are durable, body oil stains are difficult to remove. Products containing body oil stains leave significant marks on your bedding.

If you have a situation like the one above, treat the stains with water and vinegar to remove the stains before switching to cleaning chemicals to be environmentally friendly and safe for health.

Simply combine vinegar and water in a basin or tub, apply it to the stain, and let it sit for hours.

If you are still wondering about this cleaning method, you can remove stains from the bed using chemical cleaners. For “stubborn” stains, you can use an enzyme cleaner.

Hopefully, the above instructions will help you make your cotton sheets the best and most durable.

Although this product has a long shelf life, you can prolong it by regularly washing and caring for them.


How often should I wash my sheets?

According to experts, you should wash 1-2 times a week. 

If you leave bed sheets for too long without cleaning them, the fabric is straightforward to stretch and difficult to restore to its original shape, which makes them more susceptible to tearing.

Besides, regular washing also helps your skin be safer, without dust or irritation, acne.

Which detergent should I use?

detergent to use

detergent to use

While we don’t recommend using cleaners when you don’t need them, or just gentle cleaning can still make yours last the longest.

You should use mild detergent; a little fabric softener or optical brighter is fine.

Can I bleach the sheets?

If you need to bleach yours, we recommend using oxygen-based bleach. You should not use bleach containing chlorine ingredients for bamboo fabric.

Can I use fabric softeners?

If you use fabric softeners, the bed sheet will deteriorate faster. You do not need extra fabric softeners because your product is already quite soft.

Can I put my sheets in the dryer?

Although we recommend that you let them dry naturally (thanks to the sun, wind), in case of need, you can put them in the dryer and set them to the lowest heat setting.

It would help if you got them as soon as they are moderately dry, a little warm so as not to make fabric affected by heat.


Hopefully, sharing about how to wash bamboo sheets has helped you gain more knowledge and choose the correct cleaning method for your products so that they are always as soft, fragrant, and durable as possible!

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