How To Take Top Off Lazy Boy Recliners? An Ultimate Guide With 3 Steps

La-Z-Boy sells a variety of recliners, including nursery recliners and gliders, power recliners, swivel recliners, wall recliners, and rocker recliners. Though the styles and designs are different, these products’ mechanisms are pretty similar since the brand uses upholstery, padding, and a framework. However, is this mechanism easy to detach? How to take top off Lazy Boy recliners? This article will go over three steps to remove your coach and install it back.

How To Take Top Off Lazy Boy Recliners?-The process is straightforward, with three steps The process is straightforward, with three steps.

While the brand’s upholstered chairs are popular, they may be bulky and dense for moving. Thus, it is important to know how to disassemble it accordingly without damaging components.

Here are the three key steps to follow:

Take Off The Back Cushion

First, locate the levers securing the back cushion, usually between the two sides of the base and back. Simply place your fingers in the gap to feel and find the release levers.

After that, turn the levers upward, then take out the back cushion and pull it up to detach it from your recliner sofa.

Dismantle Brackets

After detaching the back, flip your chair downward with its base facing upward or heading toward the ceiling. In so doing, you can access the coach’s framework, particularly the brackets made of metal.

These parts play a vital role in connecting the furniture’s arms with the seat cushions. After that, remove the screws using a flat-headed screwdriver.

We suggest that you label resealable bags with each component of your La-Z-Boy chair. This way, you will know where the necessary section is when reinstalling the furniture.

After detaching the screws, it’s important to quickly pull the brackets out and push them toward the center.

Disassemble The Rest

Place the sofa back to its original position, then raise the seat cushion’s front to access the bolts.

These bolts connect the cushion’s rear side with the furniture’s arms. Use a proper tool to take off the bolts to remove the cushions from the base entirely.

After that, tip the sofa again to access the mechanism at the bottom. Take off the bolts connecting the furniture’s arms with the base. Next, place it back to the original position, then pull the arms outward.

How To Separate A Lazy Boy Sectional?

How To Take Top Off Lazy Boy Recliners?-Separating parts makes your chair easier to move

Separating parts makes your chair easier to move. 

It’s possible to separate your sofa for convenience and safety while moving. Yet, we recommend reading through the product’s instruction booklet first to check if you can take off some sections.

Below is a typical guideline for separating your sofa recliner:

  • Measure the clearance and check if your sofa can go through walkways and spaces as a whole unit before disassembling it. There’s no use separating it if you can fit it as an entire unit.
  • Measure your maneuverability when passing through the walkway, for example, the angle you can tilt.
  • Prepare the space in advance and do some mimicked movements through stairs to avoid damaging furniture and prevent furniture from damaging your sofa.
  • Disassemble the cushions. Yet, you will need to lift the levers to pull them out of the furniture for those having motion seats.
  • Remove the back from the chair if possible or locate the hinge sitting between the back and seat on either side and take it off.
  • If your coach doesn’t come apart, navigate the bolts or screws and remove them instead.

How To Install Your La-Z-Boy Recliner Back?

Here are the step-by-step instructions on reinstalling your chair after finishing moving:

  • Push the chair forward so that its arms touch the floor.
  • Tilt the back to a small angle, then align the metal brackets on the back based on the center brackets.
  • Place the coach back in its original position.
  • After ensuring that both brackets have engaged, flip the coach and use a screwdriver to push down the levers.
  • Place it back to its original position.
  • Test if you’ve properly reinstalled the chair by gently turning the back from side to side. If either side moves out of position, you need to check if you’ve misdone any step.

Remember that it’s essential to disengage all the mechanisms’ connections before dismantling the back.

This step will help prevent severe impacts on electrical wires and connectors when substituting the back with heat or massage features.

Simply recline the seat and back, then push the coach forward to access these connections.

You can watch this video to see how the reinstalling process occurs:

Can All Sectionals Be Separated?

How To Take Top Off Lazy Boy Recliners?- Most sectionals come with detachable partsMost sectionals come with detachable parts

We sometimes make the wrong shopping decision, buying furniture that does not fit into our living room.

This typical mistake will not be a big deal if you’ve purchased a sectional since any large sectional can fit into a too-tiny room. Why? The secret is their special design, including multiple pieces.

Thanks to that design, you can move sectionals around, use them partially, or split them up to ensure they fit into a small room.

Though you may wish to keep the original design and armest end parts, it doesn’t affect aesthetics.

Do Lazy Boy Reclining Sofas Come Apart?

Most reclining couches are easy to disassemble for stress-free transport. Some models come with removable seat backs secured by the levers.

La-Z-Boy manufactures various couch models differently, but most share the same mechanism and come apart, while stationary sofas don’t.

All the sofas of this brand come screwed or bolted, allowing for clearance of extra inches while moving your chair.

That means dismantling your furniture is far from complex based on the guideline mentioned in the model’s instruction booklet.


House moving with a La-Z-Boy couch is no longer a problem once you know how to take off Lazy Boy recliners. These easy-to-follow instructions will, hopefully, help you transfer the furniture safely:

  • Take off the back cushions
  • Disengage brackets
  • Dismantle the rest

If you’ve finished the transport with ease and without damage, please tell us so that we know our post is helpful for our readers!

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