How To Make Memory Foam Expand Faster? In-depth Guides

Memory foam is reminiscent of relaxing sleep like in the clouds. This type of mattress is popular because it also helps to improve sleep disorders because of its excellent structure.

However, a very common problem that you will likely encounter is that it does not expand as you expect. So, how to make memory foam expand faster

How To Make Memory Foam Expand Faster

Ways to encourage mattresses to expand

You can easily make it work properly via four simple steps:

  • Step 1: Unbox the package and put the foam mattress on a flat floor
  • Step 2: Adjust the temperature in your room
  • Step 3: Roll it on 
  • Step 4: Offer it more air circulation 

Let’s look at this article to discover the potential causes and get some helpful tricks. Scroll down!

Why Is Memory Foam Mattress Not Expanding? 

It would help if you first determined what is causing your memory foam mattress not to expand correctly before you can remedy it. We’ve put up a list of the most potential reasons new foam mattress owners experience problems.

Your Mattress Requires More Time To Expand

When receiving the package, you may be too excited to use the mattress right away without checking the instructions for use and maintenance. 

Lack of patience is the main cause of your memory foam mattresses not having sufficient time to work correctly.

If you open the box and find your mattress smushed or thin, don’t stress or feel disappointed. That’s because it requires a certain amount of time to be as big as you expect.

Typically, a memory foam mattress may need around 24 hours to increase in size completely. However, this instruction doesn’t mean it’s faulty if it’s still flattened after this amount of time. 

The expanding process may take longer than expected, but this phenomenon is normal. You should give it about 72 hours so that it can get perfectly inflated. 

You Leave It In The Box For A Long Time.

By leaving the mattress stuck in the box for weeks or months, foam pockets will appear and slow memory foam expansion more slowly than usual.

That’s because these foam pockets cause the mattress to grow tougher and its fibers to become trapped within; the mattress can’t become distended fully.

However, not everything has come to an end. It is not the manufacturer’s fault for selling you a defective mattress.

 You may do various things to remedy it before blaming it for the manufacturer’s responsibility.

You Put It In Improper Ambient Temperature.

Another culprit is the temperature of the environment you place; it is not suitable for a memory foam mattress. The essence of the foam mattress is to absorb heat to fit your body shape.

Probably, your new memory foam mattress hasn’t gotten enough warmth to heat up yet. As a result, you must ensure that your space is warm enough. 

If your room is too cold, it’s better to take it to another environment where it can trap the heat it requires to become warmer.

Cheaper mattresses

Cheaper mattresses

The Room You Put It In Is Too Humid.

Another reason that a memory foam mattress doesn’t expand ​is because of the humidity in your environment.

Despite being extremely porous, memory foam mattresses won’t be good at absorbing much humidity. 

Therefore, it would be best to reduce the humidity in your house or the space where you lay the mattress. 

There are a variety of options for lowering humidity levels. Setting your air conditioner to dry mode is one solution while using air purifiers is another great idea.

It Is The Manufacturer’s Fault.

If none of the factors listed in this article apply to your situation, your mattress is likely faulty. 

If that’s the case, you can do nothing to fix it except for contacting the manufacturer for a return or exchange.

If you bought the mattress a long time ago but have only lately used it, it is most likely no longer covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee. 

As a result, if you buy a memory foam mattress, make sure to check the warranty coverage right when it’s out of the box. So, if it breaks down, you can have it fixed or replaced quickly.

You should still call the manufacturer’s customer service to see what options for resolving the issue. 

Nonetheless, if your mattress toppers have reached the end of their useful life, you will have no choice but to replace them.

Improper expansion

Improper expansion

How Long Do You Wait For A Memory Foam To Fully Expand? 

As shared earlier, a memory foam bed takes around 24 hours to expand thoroughly. Once you take the product out of the box, which pushes the air out of the mattress during compression, begin loading open-cell composition again. 

As air fills this product structure, its viscoelasticity enables it to return to its previous shape.

Nevertheless, you should be aware that the time for the memory foam mattress to expand fully may vary, depending on the different types. Besides, there are some primary factors involved in expansion time, as shown below:

  • Temperature: These products are temperature sensitive. In a hotter environment, any mattress topper expands more quickly. Heat lowers a material’s stiffness and enhances its fluidity, making it simpler to shape.
  • Thickness: The memory foam mattress thickness likewise impacts their expansion time. Thin products will take less time to inflate compared to thick ones. If you have thick foam layers, you might consider cutting them.
  • Density: Memory foam comes in a variety of densities from various manufacturers. The expansion of a denser foam takes longer. The density of a foam determines how stiff it is.

Time for the mattress to expand

Time for the mattress to expand

What If You Do Not Let Memory Foam Expand Within 24 Hours? 

Most foam mattresses come with a recommendation to let them expand for 24 hours. When the foam mattress is fully extended, you can tell whether there are any flaws in the goods. 

Let the mattress fully expand, and several fractures and faults will become visible. However, suppose you ignore this note and sleep on the memory foam mattress before the 24-hour mark, the memory foam will not experience any damage of any kind.

Surprisingly, the heat from your body may aid foam expansion. If you can’t wait the whole 24 hours, we recommend waiting 4 to 12 hours for you to lie on it.

The off-gassing period happens within the first 4 to 6 hours after you take the memory mattress out of the package when the foam expands the most.

Whenever a mattress expands, it releases substances in the gas form. The off-gassing process is normally not harmful to healthy ones, yet it may be bothersome and inconvenient for asthma patients.

It’s worth noting, though, that several manufacturers make sure that their products expand completely within 8 hours, while some even claim that it just takes minutes. 

Before buying a product, it would be best to call the suppliers for all the information you require.

New memory foam mattress

New memory foam mattress

How To Help A Memory Foam Mattress Expand More Quickly? 

If your memory foam hasn’t expanded after waiting the required amount of time, you may speed up the process by following the in-depth instructions outlined in this guideline.

Step 1. Unbox The Package And Put The Foam Mattress On A Flat Floor

You’ll be able to begin the expansion process sooner if you unbox it as soon as possible. Keeping a bed in a box for a lengthy period may cause it to take longer to recover.

If you cannot open it right away, you should perform this task within 72 hours after getting it. 

If your bed has a box spring or bed frame, this surface will not be even enough for the foam. You should place it on a flat floor within 24 hours.

It would help if you didn’t use sharp objects such as scissors, blades, or knives to unbox the packaging. These instruments can destroy your mattress. Instead, unpack it using your hands.

After that, set it flat on the ground and make sure it unfolds. In this way, the expansion process will automatically start. If you maintain it flat, it will be more exposed to air and expand fast and evenly in all memory foam mattress corners.

Step 2. Adjust The Temperature In Your Room

Memory foam is heat-sensitive. Cooler temperatures may produce constriction, whereas warm conditions encourage expansion. 

If your new memory foam bed doesn’t expand fully the first step is to warm up the space where you’ll be placing it.

By improving the warmth, you can make air pockets softer and more flexible, reducing the density and increasing the product’s fluidity. 

If your environment is chilly or you purchase modern memory foam mattresses in the cold months, you may need the help of a space heater to warm up your room. 

The quicker expansion occurs at a higher temperature. However, too much heat might ruin your new mattress. 

The ideal room temperature for expansion is not under 68 degrees Fahrenheit and not over 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Placing your heater near the new mattress is not a perfect idea. That’s because various goods react differently to heat. 

You may also look at the manufacturer’s specifications to see how much heat your mattress can withstand.

Warmth encourages expansion

Warmth encourages expansion

Step 3: Roll It On 

Apart from the heat, movement can affect the expansion time of your mattress, allowing it to inflate more easily.

So, during the first 30 minutes after unboxing, mild movement will encourage microscopic air pockets to open, speeding up the expansion process.

Keep in mind that the body heat contributes to the expansion of the memory foam mattress, so switch positions frequently to allow it to inflate as much as possible.

It would be best to roll it on regularly until it completely expands because mattress corners may be harder and flatter than the center part.

Nevertheless, standing on the mattress to produce body heat is not advisable because this action will cause deep recesses and notches on your product. 

If you are curious about the packing process of memory foam mattresses, you can watch this video:

Step 4: Offer It More Air Circulation

A foam mattress requires enough air circulation. It will allow it to spread much more quickly, reducing the amount of time you have to wait.

There are several ways to improve air circulation in your home. Turning on a fan is a common option, as fans provide active air ventilation and movement.

You may make things easy for yourself by using a fan heater to provide both heat and air movement. 

Remember not to put the fan heater too close to the memory foam mattress to avoid damaging it. The ideal temperature mentioned above should be not under 68 degrees Fahrenheit and not over 75 degrees Fahrenheit. 

A steamer is another wonderful option to enhance air circulation. It allows you to boost the mattress’s heat while simultaneously increasing air circulation.

New mattress

New mattress


Can I Sleep On A Memory Foam Mattress While It’s Expanding?

The answer is yes. You can sleep or roll on the memory foam mattress even if it doesn’t fully expand. Your body temperature is a good way to speed up expansion time. 

Does Heat Help Memory Foam Mattresses Expand? 

Yes. The memory foam mattress is heat sensitive, which means it responds well to the warmth to expand faster. That’s why fan heaters are useful for full expansion.

Why Is My Memory Foam Mattress So Hard? 

The culprit may be the cool temperature. When the product gets cool, it will become harder and less elastic. Remember to bring heat to your room if you have unexpanded foam. 

The best mattress

The best mattress

Wrapping Up

This article has ultimately got to the end of your question. Overall, it would be best if you unboxed it right away after purchasing, placed it on a flat surface, and provided more warmth and air circulation to promote expansion times.

Hopefully, these recommendations will be helpful for you.

Thank you for reading!

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