How To Keep Split King Adjustable Mattresses Together

The adjustable king mattresses are one of the best choices for couples who want to sleep next to each other but still ensure quality sleep. It does have a potential problem, though, that you’ll find annoying in the long run, displacement.

So, how do you keep a split king adjustable bed together? We have five options for you to choose from:

  • Adjust the specialized connector.
  • Try a fitted bed frame.
  • Add mattress pads.
  • Try bed connector straps.
  • Pad the gap out.

To learn more about the details of each step, continue reading the following article to get the detailed answer!

What Are Split King Movable Mattresses?

Different sizes of bedding

Different sizes of bedding

A king-size movable double bed is the perfect choice for meeting two different sleeping needs simultaneously.

Their composition includes two XL size double beds that are joined together to reach king size. The padding and base of these two twin mattresses are individual and adjustable without affecting the adjacent area.


Is a split king adjustable bed worth it? This product brings many benefits, not only for health but also for harmony between couples.

Health Benefits

Everyone has a different sleeping position and body center of gravity. Sleeping on a mattress that doesn’t match your actual condition can lead to some serious problems like low back or neck pain.

With bed combinations like these, each person is free to make their own choice. Whether you are a side or back sleeper, there will always be a suitable mattress for you to sleep most comfortably.

Comfortable For Home Moving

King mattresses are usually huge. Whether it’s a firm coil spring mattress or a modern bed that flexes effectively, moving such a large mattress takes a lot of effort and time.

The use of two twin XL cushions will help simplify your operations. These cushions are easy to separate and move like a piece of cake.

Individual Sleeping Space

Those who wake up quickly when the partner moves back and forth in the middle of the night will love this combo bed.

Although motion-blocking beds with thick memory foam are on the market today, they cannot block them all. It would help if you used a shared bed to solve the problem completely.


One of the most significant disadvantages of adjustable king beds is the price. Compared to just buying one product, it will cost you twice as much. It can be a burden for those on a tight budget.

The second problem is also a problem that many people often face. The mattress can move.

Since you are joining two individual mattresses together, they are not a solid block. Sometimes you can subconsciously shift the surface during your sleep and mess up the scene the following day.

The good news is that we can solve that problem with the five methods below.

How To Keep Split King Adjustable Mattresses Together?

Let’s explore the details of each adjustable bed fixation option here.

Adjusting The Specialized Connector

When purchased, some split mattresses on the market come with an iron plate connector. If this connector is too tight, it can move your sleeping area.

The most straightforward workaround is to extend the spacing between frames. Adjust the connector by pulling the beds out a few inches. Once you’ve made sure the mattresses are in place, re-align the bed.

A connector between two surfaces that is too tight can also cause the bed to bend slightly in the middle. So stretch it out to flatten the surface and allow more sleeping space.

Bedding frame

Bedding frame

Using A Fitted Bed Frame

The second way to secure two twin XL mattresses is to use a bed frame in the correct size. The design of the structure is up to your needs and preferences.

Minimals will likely require just four wooden planks, but some people want the full option with headboards, footboards, and drawers.

This solution is effective and gives your space its own style. The king-size is standard, so it won’t take long to find a suitable frame. You can even make your own if you’re crafty.

Adding Non-Slip Pads

If you find the first two options too difficult to separate the two beds later, try a non-slip mattress pad. Cushioning is also suitable for those who do not have enough money for a frame.

The operation is effortless. All you need to do is insert the pads underneath the product’s base. These pads will hold the bed in place very well if they are sturdy enough.

The only downside is that you will still have to adjust these pads periodically.

Adhesive tape is also suitable for minimizing small movements. You can choose from specialized double-sided tapes for carpets and furniture.

Trying Bed Connector Straps

Tying two mattresses together sounds like a simple but highly effective method.

Use dedicated bed straps to support you. The manufacturer also adds a locking buckle and the rope to be much safer than other bungee cords or ropes.

To wrap around a king-size double bed, opt for a 30-foot cord.

Then, stack the mattresses side by side and wrap the straps around the edge of the mattress. Wrap them on the outer edge, so you don’t feel overwhelmed when lying in bed. Thread the strap through the buckle and pull tight to secure.

Fill the bedding gap

Fill the bedding gap

Padding The Gap Out

The last method is just a supplement to the solutions mentioned above. No matter how tightly you fix the two products, there will still be a gap between the two mattresses. It will make you feel uncomfortable when you want to cuddle with your partner.

Roll or fold an old sheet and tuck it down between the mattresses. If the space is not too large, use a bed bridge.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have any questions regarding adjustable beds, read below.

How Do You Clean Your Mattress?

No mattress can be forever clean. You will need to clean it regularly to keep yourself healthy. Washing and cleaning a thick mattress takes a lot of time and effort. To save you time, follow the instructions in the following video.

How Do You Dress A Split King Movable Bed?

Use straps to fix the bedding surface

Use straps to fix the bedding surface

If you find the sheets keep falling and sliding out of the corners, use straps. This device is elementary and effective in fixing the bed surface.

The simple steps to decorate your sleeping space are as follows:

  • On each mattress, place an XL size bed sheet on top. You can add straps at each corner to keep them in place.
  • Add a regular king-size top sheet (optional).
  • Place extra duvets or king-size velvet blankets on top.
  • And finally, add lots of pillows.

Final Thoughts

How to hold split king mattresses together? Hopefully, this article can answer your questions. The successful fixation of the king’s double bed will perfectly balance individual needs and harmony with the one you love.

Don’t forget to share this article if you find it useful.

Thank you for reading!

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