How To Clean Urine From Memory Foam Mattress?

Urination remains a headache for those who use mattresses. So how to clean urine from a memory foam mattress and keep the smell at bay?

The best solution varies depending on your situation. You will need baking soda, vinegar, detergent, and a vacuum cleaner to clean the stains thoroughly.

This article will give you exact instructions for some instances. We also recommend some tips to maximize the result. 

For a detailed guide, let’s follow the post! 

How To Clean Wet Urine From A Memory Foam Mattress? 

You’re lucky that you noticed the urine early. If the bed is wet, the urine is still new, and fresher stains are simpler to clean.

What do you need?

Here are what you need for the cleaning process:

  • Spray bottle
  • Vinegar
  • Laundry detergent
  • Paper towels
  • Baking soda

Step-by-step instructions 

Wash the mattress immediately by hand or with a washing machine. Pay more attention to the stain. 

If the cushion is wet, gently pat it with a rag or paper towel to absorb all the moisture. It would be best to first dry the fluid from.

Scrubbing will spread the liquid, making it drier and challenging to collect.

Pour cold water, vinegar, and laundry detergent into a spray bottle in a 1-2-2 ratio.

Create a mixture using water, laundry detergent, and vinegar

Create a mixture using water, laundry detergent, and vinegar

Spray your mattress after thoroughly mixing the ingredients

Wait for 10 to 15 minutes until the mixture settles. 

To remove the remaining moisture, do it again with another tissue or dry towel. 

Seal the stain with baking soda and wait for it to settle. It takes eight to ten hours. 

Remember to keep the mixture away from pets and children. You may lock your bedroom until the procedure finishes. 

Suck the powder from the mattress with the help of a vacuum cleaner. Check to see if the powder has thoroughly dried before going.

You may also wipe the mixture using a vacuum cleaner as an option.

Examine the mattress to see if there is any residue. You can repeat the procedure to guarantee that the vacuum is free of stains and leftover mixture.

How To Clean Dry Urine From A Memory Foam Mattress? 

If the pee has run dry, the urine has left stains on the mattress. As a result, you’ll need a more aggressive cleanser.

What do you need?

You only need to prepare three essentials for this purpose:

Step-by-step instructions 

Mix the hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and dish soap to make the solution.

Combine all of the ingredients in a spray bottle and shake thoroughly.

Spray the mixture thoroughly over the hardened urine spot. Then, allow time for the mixture to absorb and dry completely. It may take three to four hours. 

After the solution has dried, you can see the baking soda residues.

Clean away all of the residue using a vacuum cleaner—vacuuming aids in the removal of any leftover debris from the solution.

Vacuum the leftover if needed

Vacuum the leftover if needed

Do not use a broom or something like that to collect the residue. It will needlessly spread the particles on the mattress.

Scan the mattress to see if there is leftover to be removed. Although the solution should have absorbed everything, it is still a good idea to double-check to be sure.

If the stains remain, continue the process until your mattress is spotless. 

Technically, the procedure should remove all hardened urine stains. On the other hand, some stains are stubborn and take a long time to eliminate. As a result, you’ll have to continue the processes till they’re totally gone.

How To Clean Tough Pet Urine From A Memory Foam Mattress? 

Pet urine, unlike humans, is more smelly and harder to remove. Because of the many substances included, it is more condensed.

Human urine, for example, comprises 95% water. Meanwhile, pet pee is more concentrated.

Another reason to handle pet pee straight away is that pets tend to mark their borders with urine.

What do you need?

To eliminate pet pee stains, make sure you don’t miss anything in this list:

  • Baking soda
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Enzyme cleaner
  • Pet repellent

Step-by-step instructions 

Unlike previous procedures, do not neutralize the baking soda. Instead, sprinkle it immediately on the urine stains—baking soda powder aids in absorbing water.

As the baking soda starts to soak the urine stain, its color darkens. Then, remove the powder.

Add new baking soda to the mattress and let it absorb any residual urine.

You’ll have to repeat these processes until the powder’s hue on the contaminated surface is no longer white.

After the baking soda has completely cleared the urine stains, clean your mattress as if it were human urine.

Vacuum the baking soda and wash your mattress with a strong detergent.

You may also wash the cushion using an enzyme cleanser instead of any laundry detergent.

Enzyme cleaners effectively eliminate difficult elements such as ammonia, animal urine, fatty acids, and other toxins. Enzyme cleaners are available in pet stores and online. 

You can also make DIY enzyme cleaner. This video will show you how. 

You can make your own enzyme cleaner

You can make your own enzyme cleaner

Although you have cleaned the cushion, certain odors or traces may attract your pet to urinate in the same area again.

After you’ve finished all the cleaning processes, apply a pet-friendly repellent to prevent your pet from tracking the pee location and continuing the habit.

Avoid using poisonous or chemical-containing items. Strong chemicals must not be active in the area where your kid or pet sits and plays.

Also, avoid cleaning products containing hydrogen peroxide and similar bleaching chemicals.

How To Clean Urine From A Memory Foam Mattress Topper? 

It’s not a good idea to leave the topper dirty and smell like urine for an extended period. It might also induce allergic reactions, skin rashes, a cold, and a cough, among other things.

It would help if you kept the memory foam and topper clean. You can wake up with a terrible odor due to the excess moisture and fungus.

Furthermore, if your mattress remains untreated for an extended period, it may rip apart when being washed.

You should clean your mattress topper and mattress regularly, no matter if it has urine stains or not.

Cleaning the topper is equally important

Cleaning the topper is equally important

What do you need?

Your mattress topper will become clean if you use these items:

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Detergent
  • Vinegar
  • Enzyme cleaner
  • Baking soda
  • Paper towels
  • Spray bottle

Step-by-step instructions 

Vacuuming the topper helps remove the odor and dirt left behind by urination. This method also removes the microorganisms generated by the urine.

Start by laying the topper on a level surface and using your vacuum cleaner to cleanse all areas and edges.

Use a powerful handheld vacuum cleaner with a light brush attachment to collect all the dirt. This tool works well in circular movements.

Use a wet/dry vacuum cleaner to remove cured and stubborn urine stains, then wait for the topper to dry before reusing it.

As soon as the vacuuming is over, apply some detergent over the topper to eliminate any odors or urine odors.

Dilute a tiny amount of detergent with lukewarm water thoroughly.

To preserve the detergent solution, move it to the spray bottle and delicately spray over the topper.

Don’t use too much fluid to wet or saturate the topper.

Clean the particular part of the topper that has gotten soiled by urine. 

After that, mix white vinegar and water in a bowl.

Dip a dry towel in the mixture and gently rub the spots away from the topper. 

After the marks seem to be diminishing, gently wipe with plain water. If there are still stains, repeat the detergent procedure.

Remember to be careful when rubbing the memory foam. Otherwise, its quality will degrade. 

Alternatively, you may dilute baking soda in warm water until a milky white fluid form. Then, soak a cloth in it to complete the cleaning procedure.

Treat the topper gently

Treat the topper gently

How To Remove Urine Smell From A Memory Foam Mattress? 

The procedure for cleaning the urine smell is similar to eliminating urine stains from the mattress. There are a few items that work well in this situation.

Baking soda

Sprinkle baking soda over the stinky spot and leave it there for the whole day. 

You can pull the curtains back and allow the natural sunlight to enter while keeping the window open.

Baking soda works like magic when exposed to natural sunshine. You may vacuum it the same way you would if you were cleaning stains. This tip will assist in stopping the odor of urine from your mattress.

Baking soda is a powerful ingredient for cleaning

Baking soda is a powerful ingredient for cleaning

Corn starch

Corn starch prevents the pee smell and aids in the removal of pee stains.

Simply apply cornstarch powder to the problematic area and dampen it with some water. Then, wait for five to ten minutes until it settles.

Wipe the cornstarch and clean the affected area with clean paper towels.

Corn starch has elements that aid in decomposition odors and the absorption of all excess moisture generated by urine odors and stains.

In addition, corn starch works as a natural odor remover for your mattress.

Corn starch is easy to use

Corn starch is easy to use

Extra tips for removing the pee smell

Aside from the methods mentioned, some other tips can help you handle the unpleasant smell on your mattress well: 

  • It would be perfect for covering your mattress with a waterproof sheet. This mattress protector will keep the cushion from stains and odors.
  • An antimicrobial mattress protector is also a great option. 
  • Vacuum your mattress and bedding regularly to keep any residue and smell at bay.
  • Baking soda, mild detergent, dry towels, and white vinegar should always be on hand at home to deal with urine stains.
  • Take action right after you notice the stains. 
  • To prevent stains and odors, turn or rotate your mattresses every one to two years. Flipping keeps all sides dry.
  • Once a week, or anytime you detect a urine odor, give your bed a break in the sunshine and ventilation.

Your mattress needs proper care

Your mattress needs proper care

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about removing urine stains. Let’s check carefully since you may face the same problem in the future. 

1. How long does the urine smell last? 

The lingering odors may last for a long time if not thoroughly cleansed. Fortunately, you can remove the smell by applying the tips above.   

2. What is the purpose of baking soda in cleaning?

Baking soda, being a base, breaks organic compounds such as grease, dirt, and other undesirable substances. Furthermore, each baking soda’s mineral content acts as a soft abrasive to cleanse without causing scratches.

3. What is the best way to dry a mattress?

It would be best to allow natural daylight and fresh air to dry the mattress.

If you have no choice but to stay indoors, put your mattress near an open window. Lay it on its side near an open window to dry completely. On the other hand, a fan might help accelerate the drying process inside.

Final Words

Removing urine from a memory foam mattress is not a complex task, especially when you have consulted the effective methods in this article. 

The rule of thumb is to treat your mattress immediately after detecting the urine stain. Also, clean your mattress regularly to avoid unpleasant odors and have a better sleep.

Hopefully, the tips we have shared can help you solve your problem. If you need any further information, please feel free to ask.

Thank you for being interested in the post! 

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