How To Clean A Tempurpedic Pillow? What The Experts Say

Your quality of sleep will be better if you maintain your Tempurpedic pillow. The memory foam used in Tempurpedic pillows is inherently resistant and hypoallergenic to germs and dust mites, unlike conventional pillows. Wash it every two to three months to keep it clean and odor-free. Your Tempurpedic cushion and its cover might still hold sweat, odor, and dead skin cells. So, how to clean a Tempurpedic pillow?

Remember one simple thing: your Tempurpedic pillows should never be washed in a washer. There are different techniques to clean and remove any stains, spills, and smells from foams and coverings (for example: use baking soda, vinegar, vacuum or clean the memory foam cushion with a towel and dampness, etc.); we’re covering them below.

Describe Tempurpedic

A well-known mattress producer as Tempurpedic. The business unveiled its first mattress made of Tempur material in 1992. The capacity of Tempur material to conform to the body size or weight is what makes it special. Additionally, it can shape and even adjust to changes in body temperature. The company also produces a wide variety of sleeping aids.

The Value Of Choosing The Appropriate Cushion

Every season brings new insights into diet and health, and the role of pillows hasn’t changed much throughout time. During sleep, they maintain the neck and backbone’s alignment with the head. You would awaken in the middle of the night if you weren’t in a neutral posture. Let’s learn how to use cushions like the Tempurpedic pillow for our health.

How Could The Tempurpedic Pillow Make You Sleep Better

Considering the possibility of a cushion that takes any shape is intriguing. Experience indicates that these pillows enhance bedtime sleep. The ingredients that make up memory foam and its cover are flimsy and easily broken down. We should pay close attention to how we use and maintain it.

Pros And Drawbacks Of Tempurpedic Pillow

Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of these pillows before learning how to clean their surface. The good news is:

  • Resistance against dust mites and allergens, 5-year guarantee,
  • After each use, Tempurpedic material resumes its original form (so-called memory foam),
  • Its pillow-like Tempurpedic coverings are detachable and simple to clean in case of any unintentional spills; it is sturdy, long-lasting, and lowers tension on the head, neck, shoulders, and back; its ergonomic design offers alignment and support;

How to wash a tempurpedic pillow? - Pros & Drawbacks

However, there are a few drawbacks as well:

  • It has a little chemical smell that most memory foam pillows and coverings share;
  • Choosing between the various heights and profiles can be challenging; view the chart before purchasing.

How To Clean A Tempurpedic Pillow

Memory foam is a very delicate material and some cleaners have been known to damage it. This will make the pillow useless, so be sure to follow these tips carefully.

Can you put memory foam in the dryer? It is very important never to wash your Tempur Pedic pillows in a washing machine and put them on the dryer. You also avoid harsh cleaners by using mild soap or natural detergents.

Washing your Tempur Pedic pillows by hand is the best way to keep them looking and feeling brand new. Use cold water, and avoid hot or warm temperatures so that you don’t damage this memory foam material! Be gentle when treating with soap – scrubbing will only multiply any wear and tear on these delicate furniture items.

It is important to avoid rough scrubbing; it is a rough way to clean it. You should avoid doing this, though as a result will be that you lose support and stability, which may make sleeping positions uncomfortable for either yourself or someone else who uses them regularly.

Here are some ways to wash Tempurpedic pillow:

Spot Cleaning

Take off the Tempurpedic covers to start working on the foam. They may be washed in the washer using a mild detergent and a gentle cycle. The Tempurpedic cushion may be cleaned primarily by submerging it in lukewarm water or using a damp towel or fabric with liquid. Let’s examine them both.

How to clean a tempurpedic pillow - Spot Cleaning

Spot cleaning

For fresh stains

Fresh stains (out of a pillow and its cover) should be blotted with a dry, fresh cloth or paper towel. Avoid washing with dark-colored clothing to stop any color from seeping into the pillow. For free stain removal, use lifting motions. Do not wipe them away; it will not work! Additionally, you risk spreading unsightly stains all over the cushion.

After that, blot off any excess water from the cushion and check whether your recent stains have been cleaned. If stains are older, they have to be cleaned different way.

For old stains

To make a stain removal solution, combine lukewarm water and a mild detergent. Use warm water instead of hot water while washing the Tempurpedic pillow since it can make stains more difficult to remove.

  1. Saturate a white, spotless cloth with the solution, then wring it out.
  2. Beginning at the dirt spot’s edge, gently massage towards the stain’s center in a clockwise direction, then back in the opposite direction.
  3. Continue until all spots are gone.
  4. Use a clean cloth and lukewarm water; squeeze away the excess water.
  5. Wipe away any soap residue by dabbing the previously discolored area.
  6. Allow your Tempurpedic cushion to air dry completely.

Deep Cleaning

How to wash a tempurpedic pillow - Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning

  1. Fill a tub or big sink with cool water to remove stubborn stains.
  2. Combine a little bit of mild detergent with water.
  3. Gently squeeze the Tempur-Pedic foam and immerse the cushion.
  4. The cold, soapy water will soak up the material of the pillows.
  5. It won’t harm the memory foam and will aid in gently removing stains.

Be careful not to wring out your memory foam cushion. It could even be worse than washing it in a machine. Drain the sink or bathtub once the stain has been gone. Fill it back up with fresh, cold water. When the water is clear, gently push the cushion while submerging it.

Once the cloth has absorbed most of the water, press pillows from outside the running water and lay a dry towel on top of the damp towel, after removing the cushion, allow the cushion to air dry before using.

Use Vinegar

Yes, it can! These Tempur Pedic pillow washing instructions help clean your Tempurpedic pillows of stains, smells, and germs.

  1. To make a cleaning solution, combine equal quantities of white purified vinegar and water in a small basin.
  2. Fill a spray bottle with this vinegar mixture.
  3. Spray the remedy straight onto your Tempurpedic cushion and let it a few minutes to soak.
  4. Blot the vinegar-water mixture off of your pillow with a clean, dry white towel until it feels fully dry.

Clean A Tempurpedic Pillow Case

The pillowcases for Tempurpedic mattresses may easily be removed from the cushion and cleaned in a washing machine.

  1. Use a gentle detergent and a cold setting.
  2. Avoid aggressive stain removers and chlorine solutions while washing the pillow cover.
  3. Dry this on a clothesline or a cold setting in the dryer.

Deodorize Tempurpedic Pillows

How to wash a tempurpedic pillow - Deep cleaning


Sprinkle baking soda on the pillow’s surface to eliminate the foul smell. After that, vacuum the Tempur-Pedic to eliminate any smells permanently. Don’t forget to air dry in the open air after spraying. There are only a few easy stages in the “baking soda” procedure:

  1. Remove the pillow’s protective cover.
  2. Cover one side of the pillows with baking soda.
  3. Allow it to sit for a minimum of one to two hours so that it may dry naturally and be exposed to sunshine.
  4. Vacuum the pillow’s surface with the upholstery tool to eliminate the baking soda.
  5. Turn the cushion over and repeat the baking soda spray, vacuum, and allow it to dry air.


How to clean a Tempurpedic pillow? Remember that a Tempurpedic pillow should never be handled like a regular cushion. It must be handled carefully because it is constructed of a fragile form of memory foam. The above straightforward cleaning and deodorizing advice should help you enjoy your Tempurpedic cushion for many years.


How To Wash Cool Gel Pillow?

You can wash your gel pillow by hand. It’s best not to put the whole thing in a washer. Vacuum away the dust and use baking soda to eliminate an odor. If you find stains, clean them with soap or water before scrubbing lightly so as not to damage any surfaces.

How To Dry A Wet Memory Foam Pillow?

When you’re done with your wash, air dry the pillow on a flat surface away from direct heat and sunlight. Don’t use a clothes dryer because it can cause damage to both foam and fabric over time! For faster drying times, try using one of those portable fans.

How is a Tempur-Pedic pillow broken in?

The TEMPUR material’s cell structure is not completely open when the cushion is new. Your body heat and weight will help to open those cells when you sit on the pillow, causing it to soften more quickly.