How Many Pillows Should A Side Sleeper Use?

Have you ever wondered if your soft pillows are to blame for your current lack of sleep? Although these fluffy nighttime headrests are comforting, they may be doing more damage than good when it comes to getting a good night of sleep for side sleepers.

So, how many pillows should a side sleeper use? According to many studies, you need three pillows for a good night’s sleep.

The detailed information in the article will surely give you a useful answer. Let’s dive right into the details!

Do You Get Neck Or Back Pain Regularly?

Side Sleeping

Side Sleeping

You might be sleeping in an uncomfortable posture every night. Therefore, it is critical to select a pillow that is the right height for the spine and neck.

It may be a difficult chore at times with so many alternatives available. However, you may use our suggestions to help you figure out which cushion would be ideal for relieving neck discomfort.

In addition, it is a great idea to examine your sleeping posture if you’re suffering from back pain. 

How Many Pillows Should A Side Sleeper Use?

Suitable Cushion Will Boost Your Sleeping Quality

Suitable Cushion Will Boost Your Sleeping Quality

Do you like to sleep on your side? Do you have a painful, squished, and exhausted sensation when you wake up? 

You might be able to improve your sleeping posture by adding extra pillows to your bed and ensuring that your pillows are appropriately supporting your body.

#1. Under The Head

It is the regular pillow we are using. It rests beneath your head at sleep, yet it supports more than just your head. The importance of your shoulders and neck cannot be understated.

If you wake up with neck aches and a hunched shoulder, it is a sign your pillow isn’t giving you the comfort you need.

Look over your shoulder for a moment. If you are a side sleeper, your cushion should fit the shoulder and your neck’s curved area, and the top of your head. There’s a lot of room to fill here!

It is no surprise that many individuals dislike down or down-like pillows. So you’ll need a cushion that can fill all of that space while also molding to your curves. The pillow should accommodate your beautiful curves.

#2. Hug Pillow

Your upper arm and shoulder may feel comfortable after your lower shoulder receives support. Likewise, you may get discomfort in your back and upper shoulder if you don’t have any support.

Cuddling a pillow between the arms raises your upper elbow and relieves shoulder tension. It may be any pillow, including a standard bed pillow, a bolster-shaped pillow, or even a giant teddy bear.

#3. Crotch Pillow

It will fit between the legs, lifting your upper legs while also relieving pressure on the lower back and the hips. This one should be a broad, comfortable pillow.

It may appear to be an excessive number of pillows for a single individual. You might be wondering how you’re going to fit on your bed. What if you sleep with someone else?

You do not take up much extra room once you have situated yourself and your cushions for sleeping. However, changing positions in the middle of the night needs more effort and coordination.

On the other hand, people frequently shift positions during sleeping due to discomfort. Therefore, if you are well supported when sleeping, you might not even need to move!

Although we like to sleep on our backs, these strategies benefit in various sleep scenarios. If we’re sick and can’t sleep on our backs, for example, the additional pillows give soothing support for aching bodies.

To summarize, if you are having problems sleeping on your side, consider utilizing three pillows: a large, moldable head cushion, a teddy bear cushion between your arms, and the one between your legs.

Moreover, you should check out this video to better understand how to sleep properly.

Why Do Many People Opt For No Pillow?



Most of us have never considered whether or not a pillow is necessary for a good night of sleep. Instead, they are given a natural connection to the mattress early.

When you deconstruct the human body, there is indeed a case to be made for not using cushions at all. 

The most basic reason why using a cushion may not sound right is because when we walk upright, our neck and head are in vertical alignment at the upper back.

When we lay the vertical bodies horizontal, it seems logical that we would be best aligned if we were not using pillows. In addition, there are several health benefits to not using a pillow beneath the head.

The first advantage is a decrease in acne. Pillows are notorious for harboring dust and other pollutants.

Every night, laying your face on a filthy pillow might be developing pimples. The reduction of wrinkles is the 2nd most popular advantage. 

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, this article is beneficial to you in better understanding how many pillows should a side sleeper use. If you have any questions about this topic, please let us know. Thank you, and see you in our next update! 

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