How High Should Your Head Be While Sleeping?

The height of the pillow may be the last thing you prepare to sleep. All you would do is curl up in your warm bed, cuddle a teddy bear, and sleep.

Although you don’t realize it, the head height significantly impacts how comfortably your sleep quality is. How high should your head be while sleeping?

In the case of using pillows, it should maintain a height of 4 to 6 inches to help the head and neck as well as the shoulders when lying on the back.

However, many researchers have shown that your head should be at a height where the neck is neutrally aligned.

It implies that the level will depend on your sleep position, as different postures need different heights to create an adequately aligned neck.

Now, let’s read on to know more!

How High Should Your Head Be While Sleeping?

The Right Height Will Provide Maximum Comfort

The Right Height Will Provide Maximum Comfort

Those who can sleep in any posture and switch between the back, stomach, and side sleeping evenings should not be overlooked.

You could be in this group if you constantly have to throw away the pillow when you alter your sleeping posture and then receive it back when you get back to the original position.

The ideal headrest height for these sleepers may be tricky to figure out and varies by person. It is especially true for sleepers who have a preferred sleep position.

When buying a headrest, consider the pillow’s height to your preferred sleep position. Also, when looking for a pleasant pillow set that suits all postures, keep these suggestions in mind:

Adjustable Pillow

The ideal pillow should accommodate various sleeping postures. However, because different pillows aren’t available for different postures, changing the headrest to accommodate the user’s sleeping forms and curves is better. 

It should conform to one’s physique and relieve pressure points, allowing users to sleep in whatever position they like.


You do not have to sleep on a cushion that absorbs heat and causes you to sweat all night. Choosing a breathable headrest will help you sleep easily without worrying about temperature, especially for individuals who sleep on their stomachs. 

Although you live in a hot climate, a breathable headrest should have space within it to assist dry and cooling the cushion.


Uncomfortable Posture May Lead To Shoulder Pain

Uncomfortable Posture May Lead To Shoulder Pain

Nobody likes to sleep on an unsuitable pillow at night. Sleeping on a firm pillow is like resting on a stone, and resting on a flat one will cause your body pain. 

A soft pillow, on the other hand, will ensure a restful night’s sleep, with no tossing and turning until you eventually fall asleep.

Maintain The Spine’s Natural Alignment

The overall goal of pillows is to provide the body with the proper spinal support. A decent cushion should lift your arms and shoulders off the mattress, raising your spine in the process.

The appropriate head height will keep your spine in a balanced position regardless of your resting position.

Consequently, finding the ideal pillow won’t only provide you with a restful night’s sleep but will also assist you in waking up pain-free.

Moreover, you should rely on the instructions in this video to avoid the wrong sleeping posture that causes shoulder pain.

How To Choose The Suitable Pillow Height?

Although we’ve given you a general notion of the optimum cushion heights, it is up to you to locate the optimal location within those categories that suit you. 

So before making the big buy, here are several techniques to be sure you have the right headrest height for your needs.


The majority of headrest makers provide a free trial period. Use this deal to try out several headrest heights before committing to one. Order various pillow heights, use them for a time, then return the ones that don’t feel right.

You’ll know you’re getting the correct pillow for your resting position if you do it this way.

Use Towels

The Height Of Your Head While Sleeping Is Very Important

The Height Of Your Head While Sleeping Is Very Important

It is a simple DIY solution, which will save you money and assist you in determining the proper cushion height. Take numerous towels, fold these towels into a square, pile them on top of each other, and lay on them in this manner.

If these towels are too high for your satisfaction, take them down once until you reach a comfortable height. This height can be used as a suggestion when ordering a new headrest.

Read Reviews

Like an unsatisfied consumer, a happy customer will always evaluate the product well. Therefore, ensure you read all good and negative feedback to determine what people liked and did not like about the product.

For example, if you are a stomach sleeper, you’ll avoid it if consumers complain that it is not breathable.

Final Thoughts

We hope that this guide has provided you with all of the information you want about how high should your head be while sleeping

It is vital to keep in mind that your head may suffer a little during the first few days using a new pillow as it adjusts to the curves, and you will receive exceptional comfort then after.

Thanks for reading!

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