Do All Memory Foam Mattresses Have Fiberglass?

Foam mattresses are becoming more and more popular almost everywhere in the world. They will help you have a good night’s sleep and improve your sleep quality after a period of use.

However, do all memory foam mattresses have fiberglass? The answer is no.

There is a wide range of foam mattresses on the market that don’t contain fiberglass. Instead of this substance, these types have silica, wool, or thistle in their constituents. 

Why do some types have this chemical? What are some good alternatives for these mattresses? If you are curious about the answers, let’s read this article to address these concerns. Scroll down!

Do All Memory Foam Mattresses Have Fiberglass? 

The short answer is no! Not all these mattresses contain fiberglass. Most foam mattresses with this substance come from cheap brands. 

These manufacturers suppose that this substance is cheap and safe. Meanwhile, it still can provide the required protection level and decelerate the combustion process of your mattress. 

Sadly, it is not completely safe like they believe. Especially when it is exposed to the air, it becomes hazardous. If you accidentally inhale it, you may get health problems like skin, eye, and nose irritation. 

Why do foam mattresses still have fiberglass? The answer is right below. Keep reading!

Memory foam

Memory foam

Why Do Foam Mattresses Have Fiberglass? 

Here are the primary reasons why your mattress comprises this substance. 

According To US Law, All Foam Mattresses Must Be Fire-Resistant.

At first, several manufacturers have added materials to improve the performance of mattresses at their will over the years. 

However, Lawmaking has intervened in the production of these products. Hence, materials like fiberglass are compulsory in a mattress

What is the reason for the requirement from US law? All mattresses, including memory foam, are effortlessly set on fire. Meanwhile, these items are made of synthetic materials, making them easily flammable and toxic when burnt. 

What’s more, after testing all the mattresses, the USA Federal Law judged that they aren’t sufficient to pass fire prevention regulations. For this reason, US law requires mattresses must contain fire-retardant chemicals. 

It Is Cheap And Non-Toxic.

Among fire retardant elements, this is one of the cheapest and the most non-toxic and long-lasting supplements. Likewise, it still meets the fire requirements of the USA Federal Law. 

It Is Highly Heat Resistant.

Fiberglass offers excellent heat resistance and has an insulating effect. On the other hand, this item is a warmth absorber. Thus, this material is employed to adjust sleep conditions to compensate for this flaw.

It Is Safer Than Hard Chemicals.

Compared to other hard chemicals, this substance is less likely to cause harm to humans. 

That’s because this material contains fewer carcinogens than other hazardous compounds. Unless it is in contact with the air, it is not at risk when thoroughly pervaded in the internal cover of the mattress.

Safe materials

Safe materials

What Risks Can You Face If Your Mattress Has Fiberglass?

It Is Harmful To Health.

When fiberglass is exposed to the air, it is toxic. However, this doesn’t mean that it is completely safe for you when you don’t contact this element. 

The shards of this material under the inside cover may break and potentially stick to your skin. This material is not a carcinogenic agent at this time, but touching its shards will surely cause discomfort and itching.

If you need to remove the mattress cover, your room atmosphere may get polluted because of fiberglass particles. It can irritate your nose, throat, and eyes. 

In some bad situations, you might suffer serious diseases such as shortness of breath, asthma, or bronchitis when exposed to these substances at high levels. 

Harmful substance

Harmful substance

You Have To Pay The Costly Expense.

Imagine when the glass-fiber shards under the cover of the mattress break and fly into the air into your house; what should you do? The solution is to find a way to remove all of them completely. 

Sadly, it is not easy and simple to get rid of this material in your home. That’s because when these shards are exposed to the environment, they tend to stick to other surfaces, clothes, or carpets firmly. 

Is putting all these things into the washing machine the best solution? No! Unluckily, washing the mattress cover in the laundry machine can make glass wool get stuck there. 

If this situation is too difficult to fix, you must replace your machine immediately. Otherwise, you can transmit fiberglass into other garments via the washing machine. 

The cost you have to pay even is higher if you let these shards fly into your air conditioner. When you use this device, glass-fiber particles will spread out all over your house. 

On the other hand, you need to invest about $1,000 in a special cleaning service to clean the air conditioner system. If the situation gets worse, the expense can mount up to $10,000 for cleaning this chemical. 

You May Leave Your House.

Some users reported that they even have to move to another new accommodation because the air in their house is full of fiberglass particles. 

They have to suffer from itching, coughing, difficulty breathing, and a constant runny nose. It is extremely harmful to your health and can cause some more serious diseases like asthma if this goes on for a long time. 

It may be harmful for health.

It may be harmful to health.

If you want to learn more about the dangers of glass wool, you watch this video:

How To Know If Your Mattresses Have Glass-fiber? 

If you don’t want to get into trouble with fiberglass, you need to avoid it right from the time of purchase. Here are some useful tips for detecting whether your mattress has glass fiber or not. 

Read The Mattress Label Carefully.

Prudent buyers should check the label of any product before buying. The manufacturers can lie to you, but the label will always tell the truth. 

When reading the tag, you can easily find the words like “fiberglass”, “glass-fiber”, or “glass wool” with the percentage content. 

Some products may not describe the ingredients, but they alert “Don’t remove the cover,” although they have zip covers. It means that these items contain fiberglass. 

Check The Price

Some products don’t add the ingredients or warning signs, so you should check their price. The mattresses with low prices, under $600 for large sizes commonly found in retail stores, often contain glass wool. 

Check The Origin

What’s more, let’s check its origin. China mattress manufacturers often use glass fiber because they want to achieve good quality products with low investment costs. 

Mattress label

Mattress label

What To Do If Your Mattresses Have Glass fiber? 

If you accidentally purchase a glass fiber mattress, here is what you should do to use it properly. 

You Mustn’t Remove Its Cover.

Removing the mattress’s cover can cause glass fiber particles to explode, which destroys your home, leaving you and other members with constant itching, sneezing, and coughing. 

It’s like a ticking time bomb because just one hole pops up, caused by your children or pets or by wear and tear, and you will be in the dire situation mentioned above.

You Should Invest In A Topper.

The possibility that your mattress gets damaged or has a hole is extremely high. Thus, consider adding an extra topper above the mattress cover before everything goes unresolved. 

Note that the topper or protector should be firm and long-lasting enough to prevent potential breaks or scratches from your pets. 

It Would Be Best If You Bought A New Fiberglass-Free Mattress.

If purchasing a new glass-fiber-free mattress is what you can afford, which is the best solution of all. 

The cost for a new mattress is surely cheaper than that you have to pay for a professional cleaning service to remove glass fiber from your living space. So, this way is economical for your budget!

Considerations when using it

Considerations when using it

Are There Any Memory Mattresses That Don’t Contain Glass-fiber? 

The good news is yes! If you intend to replace your old mattress, here are some of the best considerations: 

  • Casper sleep element mattress
  • Original queen adaptive mattress
  • Puffy royal mattress
  • Charcoal-infused foam mattress

Queen mattress

Queen mattress

In A Nutshell 

This article has got to the bottom of your question: do all memory foam mattresses have fiberglass? All in all, some types of foam mattresses are fiberglass-free.

If you already have one, it’s not a matter as long as you follow the safety guides above. However, it’s better to invest in mattresses without this substance to ensure your safety. 

Hopefully, you will find this post helpful. Thanks for reading!

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