Top 10 Nursery Ideas (for Lovers of Natural Baby Products!)

August 04, 2016

Top 10 Nursery Ideas (for Lovers of Natural Baby Products!)

There is nothing more beautiful than the morning light in a nursery. Admittedly, even better, after a decent night's sleep! 

We've got a lot of hand-me-downs, but when we get the chance to buy something I love finding organic baby products or sustainably made, more natural kids toys. 

So a few months ago when I set about pulling together our organic cot sheet photos shoots I wanted to make sure everything in shot supported local businesses, was handmade or eco, natural or ethically made. Baby products out there to make a difference!

I was so lucky enough to collaborate with some amazing brands each doing a little bit of good in their own way. 

Here they are!


 Click on the dots above to see more. (By Linklay.) 

 (1) Elkie & Ark Organic Cot Sets. Well of course these are our top pick ;) Thank you for all your amazing reviews of these! Yes, they are super soft and definitely made to last for many children. All organic cot sheet sets are made from pure white GOTS and Fairtrade certified cotton, supporting parents to earn a living wage and children's educational scholarships with every purchase. We've had so many requests for patterned sheets, so stay tuned for these!

(2) Mamamaya Organic Swaddles. Beautifully made from GOTS certified organic cotton. Every purchase buys a birth kit for a mother in need to support safer births. 

(3) Armadillo & Co Junior Rug Collection. If you haven't come across them yet, Armadillo & Co make the most amazing rugs for adults and kids. We have a few, I can't wait until we need a few more! The rug pictured here we have had for a while but they now have a new collection of kids rugs. The story behind every rug is amazing and truly supports, fairly, the artisans involved in creating such high quality and beautiful pieces. 

(4) Olli Ella Belly Baskets from In My Hood. These are stunning, natural baskets for throwing in... pretty much anything. All products are made in Australia or the UK or where sourced from overseas are from fair trade suppliers. 

(5) Oli & Carol Bath & Teething Toys. NO HOLES. These are amazing. No holes. No holes where the bath water can get in!! They are made from 100% natural hevea rubber... which I'll be honest. That makes me feel a lot better when I see my little girl chomping down on them as her molars set in or as she tries to suck the water off it... This is another one available from In My Hood.

(6) Cam Cam Bunting & Baby Blankets from Scandikid. I confess I go a bit crazy for bunting. Perhaps it was all those London street parties, perhaps I like it because it feels like some good use of otherwise waste products. I use bunting as my go-to party decoration year after year. Cam Cam make all of their cotton products out of GOTS organic cotton. And they are beautiful too!

(7) HAM Screenprinted Bunny Prints. When I first saw these I just had to hunt them down and now we have a few in our collection! Created by artist Joanna Ham they are each print is made my hand on beautiful thick British paper. They make me so happy every time I see them!

(8) Lloyd the Rabbit And the Little Dog Laughed. Meet Lloyd. Running with the bunny theme, but this was another one I just fell in love with. A small-batch business making these cute little guys from natural wool. 

(9) June Kids Rose Blouse. I met Vérane, the gorgeous woman behind June Kids at a local fair. Her clothing was just so beautiful it was unlike anything I had seen locally. Classical, timeless, made sustainably and made to last. We chatted about her factories, her designs, her style. I bought a few pieces a couple of sizes too big so my girl could wear them as blouses now then grow into them later. And most of all, I can't wait to pass them on... 

(10) Lucie Kaas Sparrow from In My Hood. Rounding it out with this beautiful wooden sparrow from In My Hood which pretty much everyone on the shoot fell instantly in love with and I was really sad I didn't get to take him home. This is just one of the many gorgeous pieces that In My Hood stock. They have a phenomenal range of stunning, more natural, organic, sustainable or local brands and have just moved into their beautiful new store in Dural in Sydney (as well as selling everything online). I can't remember the last time I walked into a store and wanted to walk out with pretty much everything in it! I didn't. Restraint. Gritted teeth. Minimalism... and all!