We talk empowerment, confidence and wellbeing with Roberta Lee

October 17, 2016

We talk empowerment, confidence and wellbeing with Roberta Lee

I recently sat down to chat with Roberta Lee, who based in London, helps women to build their confidence, health and importantly wellbeing.

Coming from the corporate world, she started her business after finding her love in life was to help women find practical ways to increase their confidence to feel better, and make more empowered decisions in life through improving day-to-day habits and lifestyle. She is a wonderful inspiration to help women to improve our confidence and mindset.

We sat down and chatted to her about the start of Elkie & Ark, how we overcame some of our confidence issues and how women in general can really take part in the growing need for people to emphasise wellbeing (of ourselves and others) over profits or corporate demands. 

It was amazing to chat with such an inspirational and like-minded woman Roberta!! And you can listen to the interview here... 

You can read more and sign up for more inspiration from Roberta on Roberta Style Lee and have a listen to our interview on the Robert Style Lee inspirational women podcast here!