Ever wondered if you can change the world in your sleep? You can.

September 15, 2016

Ever wondered if you can change the world in your sleep? You can.

We have been so busy getting everything ready, we haven't yet managed to tell you nearly enough about everything going on behind the scenes. So, someone else urged us to get it all down! 

We are truly honoured to be featured on the blog of Female Visionaries by the international award-winning author, photographer and director Charney Magri.

 Settle in with a cuppa and have a good read of the story behind Elkie & Ark here

She has done some phenomenal work and shared some incredible articles and insights on life, women, fashion and simply beautiful things from all over the world (her article on a French Farmers Secrets to Longevity is a personal favourite!).

Her book, Women of the UAE is a stunning portrait photography coffee-table book exploring the empowerment, inner-beauty and contribution of women across the region. "Women of the UAE aims to break down stereotypes, give women the confidence to use their voice and celebrate who they really are." 

We hope to work with Charney a whole lot more as we grow (we would be so lucky!!).

Photo credit: Didier Gentilhomme, for Fairtrade International taken at the farms of the Chetna Cotton Co-operative (that is where all of our cotton comes from!)