Six Australian Brands Setting a New Standard in Style

October 23, 2016

Six Australian Brands Setting a New Standard in Style

This year's style is all about Scandinavian simplicity, natural pared-back looks, plant-filtered air and even a bit of boho or minimalism thrown in there too.

But, I want to find products that are not just top notch in looks and style, but are also made with more care, made to last and made more sustainably and ethically too. If I buy sustainable looking textiles, or boho cushions, I want to know it doesn't just look ethical, but make sure it is made ethically too.

So I've had a hunt around and found some of Australia's best.

Even better most of these products are so beautiful on their own you many never even have noticed the amazing things that go on behind the scenes. 

Uniquely, every one of these businesses provides incredible transparency at every step right from the raw materials to the final steps of every, single product. That is what real sustainability and ethics is about. 

Cloth & Co ( @clothandco, @artisansoffashion)

best australian interiors cloth and co


Cloth & Co has one of the most beautiful ranges of interior products - from blankets, to tableware to candles. Cloth & Co support rural communities, in particular female workers in Nepal and India. They trace every product right back to the raw materials it is made from and the founders have spent many, many years working with NGOs within the region to truly understand how trade can effectively support communities. The big difference is, they have taken traditional crafts and redesigned them in the most subtle ways  to create products for the truly luxury market.

Armadillo & Co  (@armadilloandco)

armadillo and co rug


You can see Armadillo & Co's rugs in almost any interiors magazine you pick up and for good reason. They have a range of stunning circular rugs in beautiful natural designs and rugs perfect for kids rooms. Every product is handmade from natural, sustainable fibres like hemp, wool or even recycled PET for their outdoor collection. They support communities through fair work conditions and wages, non-toxic processes and ensure no child labour in making their goods. Even further, they fund local schools and community projects too. 


Loom Towels (@loomtowels)

loom towels organic cotton


Loom towels are hand-woven in Turkey from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. They have a stunning collection of towels, every single one sustainably and ethically made in small-runs, supporting small communities in Turkey. 


The Dharma Door (@thedharmadoor)

dharma door totes


Beach-side totes, baskets, linens and wall-hangings by the stunning Byron Bay brand Dharma Door are hand-crafted and made sustainably from beautiful natural fibres. Dharma Door sources products from communities around the world, and through fair trade purchasing, supports marginalised groups and the continuation of beautiful traditional skills and crafts. 


Seljak (@seljakbrand)

sustainable homes seljak blankets


It is incredibly rare to find a brand in Australia where everything is grown and made onshore and sustainably too. Seljak stands out in the beautiful look of their whip-stitch blankets, in their support of Tasmanian wool farms and mills, but also in their approach to recycling materials and sustainability. Every product is made from Australian wool but also uses a combination of alpaca, polyester and other fibres from the offcuts on the mill floor. I have visited the mills these blankets come from, in the beautiful hills of Tasmania, and setting is nothing short of as romantic as it sounds!

Wild River Store (@wildriverstore)

wild river store ethical interiors

PHOTO: Wild River Store, Anna Backland Cushions

The Wild River Store in Victoria, sells a stunning range of mixed interiors - from Scandinavian, to boho and minimalist style. All products are made ethically and sustainably, sourced from a range of Australian and international sellers.