Top 7 Best Tatami Mats For 2022: Detailed Reviews & Top Picks

Tatami mats are a type of traditional Japanese mat used as a floor covering to add natural beauty and open space to a room.

The applied carpet comes to life with many different purposes, from making mattress pads, sleeping pads, yoga mats, or children’s play mats. It is so popular because it carries many incredible benefits to human health, spirit, and life.

There are many reasons why people invest in tatami mats. This article will examine the reasons for making specific judgments and analyze the 7 best tatami mats available today.

We will also give some notes to help you figure out precisely what you should consider when choosing a tatami mat. Follow along with our information below to accumulate more buying tips for yourself!

Our Top Picks: Best Tatami Mats

The comparison table we provide provides an overview of the sizes, materials, and thicknesses to understand this tatami line better. Moreover, we also offer specific and sharp images that make you select the right product easily.

Product ImagesProduct NameDetailsEditor's RatingPrice
MustMat Tatami Mattress - Best for Easily Folded
  • Size: 78.7 x 35.4 x 1.2 inch

  • Weight: 7.5 pounds

  • 4.9Amazon-Check-Price-button
    Oriental Furniture Tatami - Best for High Thickness
  • Size: 70.88 x 35.39 x 2 inch

  • Weight: 60 pounds

  • 4.9Amazon-Check-Price-button
    MIINA Japanese Mattress - Best for Hot Summer
  • Size: 78 x 39 x 0.4 inch

  • Weight: 10.98 pounds.
  • 4.8Amazon-Check-Price-button
    IKEHIKO Japanese Mattress - Best for Lightweight
  • Size: 83 x 39 x 0.5 inch.

  • Weight: 5 pounds
  • 4.8Amazon-Check-Price-button
    FULI Japanese Mattress - Best for Large Size
  • Size: 83 x 39 x 0.5 inch.

  • Weight: 6.5 pound

  • 4.8Amazon-Check-Price-button
    EMOOR Japanese Mat - Best for Elderly
  • Size: Diversity.

  • Weight: 9.78 pounds.

  • 4.8Amazon-Check-Price-button
    MustMat Tatami Mat - Best for Back Pain
  • Size: 75 x 54 x 0.5 inch.

  • Weight: 19.06 pounds

  • 4.8Amazon-Check-Price-button

    In-Depth Reviews Of The Best Tatami Mats 2022

    In this category, we will bring you the 7 best tatami mats. They are top-rated products that have received a lot of positive feedback from users in recent times.

    #1. MustMat Tatami Futon Mattress – Best for Easily Folded

    Best Tatami Mats 1 - MustMat Futon Mattress



    Product Highlight

    Small living room space is one of the leading causes of our mental health decline. Explaining this, we believe that the narrow space will be directly related to the quality of sleep or breaks.

    As a result, the quality of life is significantly reduced. But don’t worry about this, because there is a MustMat Tatami Futon Mattress!

    This rug can adapt flexibly in small spaces and bring you comfort. You can fold them easily into four and store them away after each use.

    The mattress measures 35.4 x 78.7 x 1.2 inc, maximum comfort for one person. If you’re using two people, you can buy one or more sheets.

    Besides being able to fold, this tatami mat also offers you fantastic build quality. The sleeping mat surface is 100% airy sedge grass, and the back is a non-woven fabric to help bring a pleasant and refreshing feeling to the user.

    The sedge has a unique smell, so you will feel firm if you are unfamiliar with it. If you feel uncomfortable about the smell of the carpet, leave them in the shade for about a day to let the smell go away, and you can use it usually.

    Not only that, with a thickness of up to 1.2 inches, the MustMat Tatami carpet allows you to use it right on hard floors. They are great for back problems or for relaxing in the living room.

    A small note we want to send to you when using this product is how to use it. Do not leave carpets in direct sunlight, as this will affect their quality. Even it can be destroyed and lose its inherent soft activity.


    • Easy to fold
    • Appropriate size
    • Stable build quality
    • High mobility
    • Lightweight


    • Only one size is available

    Bottom line

    You are lucky if you choose MustMat Tatami for your living space. It’s easy-to-fold, breathable, smooth, and comfortable features will surely satisfy you and help you have valuable experiences.


    #2. Oriental Furniture TatamiBest for high-thickness


    Best Tatami Mats 2 - Oriental Furniture Tatami





    Product highlights

    Winter is freezing if you use traditional carpets of small thickness. It not only affects the quality of sleep but also damages your health a lot. In this collection, we would like to recommend the Oriental Furniture Japanese futon product line.

    This rug has a great thickness of about 2 inches. This impressive metric gives meaning to each of your experiences. You will feel warmer and more comfortable in this cold winter.

    Combined with the ideal thickness is a unique and novel design. The sleeping mat has a classic Japanese design with double the strength of the tatami woven sedge for moisture-proof support.

    Along with that, the 100% pine wood frame system surrounds the edge of the carpet, making the product more solid and stable.

    If you are looking for comfort and ease, then Oriental Furniture Tatami Japanese futon is the product for you. We have proven this feature with our personal experience. We are excited about the softness and durability that rugs provide.

    From users’ needs, the manufacturer Oriental Furniture size Tatami mat has researched and developed products into many different size versions. From there, it allows users to diversify their choices.


    • Relatively large thickness
    • Solid and durable
    • Many sizes are available
    • Impressive classic design
    • Comfortable and pleasant


    • Poor lining seam

    Bottom line

    Oriental Furniture size tatami mat can meet all your usage needs, even if you are a meticulous person. The product possesses admirable thickness and perfect design style and comes with long service life.

    #3. MIINA Japanese Traditional Igusa – Best for Hot Summer

    Best Tatami Mats 3 - MIINA Japanese Traditional Igusa



    Product highlights

    Global climate change is the reason why our summers are not as pleasant as before. Therefore, you need to choose for yourself the best tatami mats that can help your body feel more comfortable on hot summer days.

    It is impossible not to mention MIINA in this category. Carpet features provide you with excellent comfort for hot summer nights.

    Having that feature primarily comes from the material and thickness of the product. MIINA rugs made from 100% sedge woven rush grass have reasonable moisture control and improve your sleep.

    Moreover, with a thickness of only 0.4 inches, the user’s body feels lighter and more elegant when using them in the summer with rice straw.

    In addition, the characteristic aroma from the smell of sedge woven rush grass will bring you an incredibly refreshing and strange feeling, bringing you back to the old memories.

    Most of the customers who have used the product think that the scent of MIINA is pleasant, not too strong to make someone uncomfortable.

    However, if you find it difficult to smell, leave your best tatami mat in the shade for a day to let the smell go away, and you can use it as usual.

    Besides, the weight of the carpet is also extremely light, so you can easily transport them to the desired location.


    • Suitable for summer use
    • Good humidity control
    • Anti-stick skin on the carpet surface
    • Pleasant fragrance
    • It’s easy to move


    • Price is not reasonable

    Bottom line

    We recommend choosing MIINA to bring excellent and quality sleep for hot summer days. Carpets can control moisture well and prevent skin from sticking to the surface of the rug due to your body sweating.

    #4. IKEHIKO Japanese Traditional Igusa – Best for Lightweight

    Best Tatami Mats 4 - IKEHIKO Japanese Traditional Igusa



    Product highlights

    Product weight is an essential factor that directly affects the mobility and folding ability of tatami mats. We think that choosing to use carpets is a good thing to do. IKEHIKO is such a model, and it weighs only about 5 pounds.

    This significant number allows you to fold the mat more quickly and conveniently during relocation or storage operations.

    Not only that, but the build quality of the carpet is also impeccable. The rug has a simple, light design. At initial assessment, you may not be able to tell the difference between it and the regular best tatami mat.

    You need to experience it to be able to see the superiority and contrast of the product. Japanese futon made from 100% sedge grass with heat-retaining, breathable features bring you the most comfortable feeling.

    The color of the carpet is also what we like the most. It is a light, natural and relaxed tone. Placing ourselves on such sleeping mats gives us a feeling of relaxation and refreshment.

    On the other hand, the cost of IKEHIKO is quite impressive. At a reasonable price, you have the opportunity to own a multi-purpose rug with 100% finishing. Compare the price with the quality you get, we think it’s worth it, and you should choose this carpet.


    • Lightweight
    • Perfect build quality
    • Natural color
    • Reasonable budget
    • Easy to fold and move


    • Not for winter

    Bottom line

    IKEHIKO deserves your attention and more. This carpet with impressive features will surely satisfy your user needs.

    #5. FULI Japanese Traditional Igusa – Best for Large Size

    Best Tatami Mats 5 - FULI Japanese Traditional Igusa



    Product highlights

    If you feel that the size of traditional rugs is too narrow, it is not enough to roll yourself. Then FULI Tatami is the most effective solution for you.

    The double XL size rug gives you plenty of lying space, and you can roll over in excitement and excitement with polystyrene foam.

    Along with that is the rigidity and stability in the design and material of the FULI carpet. Carpets are made directly from 100% sedge grass, and you can use them in place of regular pads.

    Or use them together with a half-size tatami mat to create a cozy space for the cold winter. These tatami mattresses are firm, which helps to keep your back and body straight and spine neutral while you are sleeping.

    In addition, the material texture that comes with igusa, gives users a memorable and pleasant fragrance. Igusa has a fresh grassy smell, and it is very fragrant; its aroma is not too strong, so it will not irritate your sense of smell.

    Derived from the material that forms the surface of FULI, it is pretty soft and friendly to babies’ skin. Therefore, you can choose FULI to take care of your children and make them a playground on hot summer days.

    In addition, the natural green color of the carpet contributes to adding a simple and pure beauty to your living space.


    • Size XL Double
    • Cool scent
    • Natural blue
    • Ability to fold in three
    • Made of Japanese sedge


    • High price

    Bottom line

    FULI Tatami is a product line that you need to pay attention to for your needs. They are compatible with many different objects; even if your family has young children, you can still choose to use them.

    #6. EMOOR Japanese Tatami Mat – Best for Elderly

    Best Tatami Mats 6 - EMOOR Japanese Tatami Mat



    Product highlights

    EMOOR is a perfect supplement for the sleep of the elderly and is an effective solution to contribute to the treatment of several bone and joint problems. We make such a statement is due to the perfection in its construction quality.

    EMOOR tatami mattress has a soft and smooth texture when manufactured from 100% Japanese sedge grass. Not only that, with EMOOR’s versatile surface, it also helps to stabilize the position of bones and joints in the elderly and prevents them from pushing each other.

    This EMOOR carpet pattern offers you a variety of sizes, allowing you to diversify your choice. Carefully consider their four sizes to find the right one for your family and perhaps use them as meaningful gifts for parents.

    One detail at EMOOR that we admire is the certainty and sophistication in each seam of the product. Each needle has an accuracy of up to 98%. It has important implications for the lifespan and longevity of the folding tatami mat.

    Moreover, the budget level to own EMOOR is also quite affordable and suitable for the pocket of today’s consumers. You only need to spend about $ 159.99, and you have EMOOR in hand and have practical and valuable sleep.


    • Best for the elderly
    • Perfect sedge material
    • Perfect budget
    • Support for bone and joint problems
    • Breathable and comfortable


    • Strong product smell

    Bottom line

    What do you think about EMOOR? It is only part of its advantages, and if you choose and exploit them, you will get more than what you want.

    #7. MustMat Tatami Mat Japanese Traditional – Best for Back Pain

    Best Tatami Mats 7 - MustMat Tatami Mat Japanese Traditional



    Product highlights

    Choosing which carpet model is used to support the treatment of bone and joint problems is always a dilemma for many customers today.

    They are tired of not knowing which carpet to choose because they look the same everywhere they look. You don’t have to worry too much because MustMat Tatami is our recommendation for you in this category. This carpet pattern with solid and durable construction is great for your joint problems.

    Along with that perfect feature is the variety in the size of the product. This folding tatami mat manufacturer has understood your thoughts and concerns about the width of the bed, so they have developed and brought you three different sizes for you to choose from.

    The feature of MustMat Tatami that impresses us the most is its color. MustMat Tatami is a combination of natural sedge color and excellent green color of the eye-catching garden path. All to create a valuable and eye-catching tatami carpet, contributing to embellishing the living room space more vividly.

    Also, because it is made from sedge grass, MustMat Tatami has an exceptional grass smell. This fragrance is not too strong; they are gentle and give you a feeling of peace and comfort.


    • Best for joint problems
    • Various sizes
    • Impressive colors
    • Pleasant fragrance
    • Easy to fold


    • The price is too high

    Bottom line

    Overall, we think MustMat Tatami is compatible with your wishes. They even do better than what you would expect from a Tatami mat.

    Buying Guides

    Experimentally, we believe that choosing a king-size tatami mat based on several essential criteria will yield better results for you.

    You need to stick to those criteria to determine exactly what you want. Check out our information section for more details!


    You can easily find two types of tatami mats on the market: traditional Japanese tatami mats and tatami alternatives. Each type has its characteristics to suit different objects, places, and times.

    • Traditional tatami mats

    Traditional tatami mats are made from rice straw, and sedge grass, which have undergone sterilization according to European technology to bring users finished mats.

    If you are looking for Japanese-style flooring, this is probably the perfect choice. You can use them to decorate your room more impressively or make a moisture barrier or a specialized yoga mat.

    • Another option

    The tatami alternatives we offer here are bamboo mats. In appearance, they are similar to tatami mats, but they do not possess the full features of tatami mats.

    The significant advantage of this type of bamboo mat is its reasonable price and practical anti-slip ability. And it is also this feature that makes bamboo mats the product of choice to use as floor mats in the kitchen or living room.


    Building materials are an essential factor that you need to pay attention to, as they directly affect the experience of you and your family.

    As mentioned earlier, tatami mats are made of igusa grass or sedge grass. Both types of materials are suitable, and they help bring special features such as breathability and moisture resistance to tatami mats.

    The best quality is still sedge grass. Japanese sedge grass is a material with high strength, elasticity, and color persistence. Using tatami mats made from pure sedge grass helps you prolong the product’s life and save on related costs.


    Tatami mats usually come in four different sizes, including folding mats, half mats, standard mats, and full-size mats. How to choose the carpet size will depend mainly on the needs of you and your family.

    For families with young children, in addition to considering the size, you also have to pay attention to the mat’s surface to see if they are friendly to the child’s skin. The correct family sizes are standard and large.

    On the other hand, if you use it alone in your own bedroom space, you should choose a folding or half-sized mat for convenience in storage and movement.


    The thickness of the mat dramatically affects the user’s perception and mental health. In winter, if you want to use a carpet to sleep, you need to choose a carpet with a large thickness to prevent the cold from reaching your skin.

    Or you can use tatami mats of moderate thickness, then use a thick Japanese futon mattress. That way is also acceptable for icy weather.

    In the summer, on the other hand, you need tatami mats of smaller thickness.

    These mats will help your body feel more comfortable when lying on the carpet. The ideal carpet thickness for hot summer ranges from 0.5 – 1.5 inches.

    If you haven’t found a product of this thickness, then refer to our previous product reviews. They will provide you with the necessary information.


    With the naked eye, we can see that the design of the tatami mats is quite similar. However, if you look closely, you will see that their colors and appearance are different.

    With this selection criteria, most will be based on the preferences and style of each person. But to make your living room fresher and in harmony with nature, you should choose mats with slightly brighter colors. Dark tones will make the color base look gloomy.

    If you can’t figure out how to choose modern tatami mats, this video will help you through everything. The content mainly guides you to make a final judgment based on essential selection criteria.


    With the information we provided earlier, it is not enough for you to fully understand the characteristics of tatami mats. Therefore, we have decided to summarize and develop some frequently asked questions below.

    Are tatami mats worth it?

    Tatami mats deserve your attention. They are much better than other standard carpets. Some of the benefits of tatami mats:

    • Clean the air: Tatami mats are made from natural materials. These types of materials can absorb and dissolve CO2 in the air and make the air cleaner. Their gentle scent also contributes to making the space airier.
    • Mold and moisture control: Tatami mats can control mold and humidity to a certain extent. Thereby, it makes your room always airy and fresh.
    • Insulation and heat retention: Tatami mats can effectively diffuse heat and retain heat. Therefore, it helps to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
    • Sound Absorption: The cross-section of the tatami mat contains structural suction cups similar to sponges to trap the right amount of air. It forms a perfect accompaniment for excellent sound absorption.

    Are tatami mats expensive?

    Tatami mats come in a variety of prices, and they range from $150 – $220. Depending on your needs, you should choose the right price tatami mats.

    To avoid buying poor quality carpets with high prices, you should thoroughly understand those products and set up a comparison table between suppliers.

    That way, you’re sure to buy the right quality products on a budget.

    Can you sleep directly on tatami?

    You can sleep directly on the floor with just a pillow, or you can spread a tatami mat. Can you put furniture on the tatami? Yes. Although tatami is often used in minimalist spaces, you’ll find low tables, cushions, and futons in tatami rooms.

    What does tatami smell like?

    Tatami mats carry the characteristic odor of the material from which it is formed. If you haven’t come across a tatami room before, you might be surprised to learn that tatami has a unique smell.

    For many Japanese, the scent is described as sweet and nostalgic, reminding them of the smell at a relative’s house when they were children.

    Can you do yoga on a tatami mat?

    Tatami is a traditional flooring material used in Japanese architecture and design. It is made from woven sedge yarn and wrapped in fabric.

    Tatami mats are known for their comfortable texture that allows for better grip, so they are an attractive surface for yoga.

    Final Words

    With the information about the best tatami mats, we hope to help you soon choose the right products for your purposes.

    Tatami mat is a quality product and friendly to your life. Therefore, using it for your family’s living space is perfect.

    Try it out, and don’t forget to leave feedback. Thank you for reading!

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