Best Super Single Mattress: Top 5 Options That You’d Love In 2023

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Super single mattress, also known as a full short mattress, is gradually becoming popular and receiving much attention on the market today.

This mattress will be a preferred alternative to a traditional designer mattress. Yet, to choose the best product, you will need to spend a lot of time choosing.

Don’t worry, here are the top best super single mattresses you might like. 

In-Depth Reviews The Best Super Single Mattress in 2023

We will provide you with reviews about the elements to choose from and the advantages and disadvantages of the best super single mattress.

1. Brooklyn Signature Hybrid – Best for Resilient Mattress Materials

BROOKLYN BEDDING Signature 11 inch Hybrid Mattress with Patented TitanFlex Pressure Relieving Foam, Queen Medium

Product Highlight

One of the products we want to mention in today’s article is the Brooklyn Signature Hybrid mattress. Some experts say it’s the best single mattress ever, with a soft quilted cover that’s breathable.

Most notable is the combination of individually wrapped Ascension coils with super-responsive foam for increased comfort while supporting deeper settlement to complement the more significant edge. 

As you may not know, the foam comfort layers of the bed allow you to transition while choosing the maximum firmness so that you can fully enjoy your rest.

There will be two types of foam layers, including:

  • The TitanFlex foam layer combined with a 2-inch VariFlex transition layer provides a sleeping experience as firm as an old mattress with gel-infused memory foam contours and incredibly high elasticity.
  • The 1.5-inch TitanFlex foam layer combined with the 1-inch VariFlex transition layer supports deeper compression in the soft and medium versions. In addition, this foam has instant response technology that adjusts to your body every time you move.

Additionally, the Brooklyn Signature offers up to three levels of firmness to let you decide how much support you need.

The 0.25-inch high density adds extra durability to the all-foam bed while also strengthening the individually wrapped coils when compression.

One of the manufacturer’s best incentives to users is a trial period of 120 days. So, you can return it if you are not completely satisfied within the period of use.


  • Comfortable and with deep compression
  • Long warranty period 
  • Maximum durability
  • Offers a 10-year free trial
  • Free Shipping and Returns


  • The price is relatively high

Bottom line

With elastic material and deep compression yet highly comfortable, the Brooklyn Signature hybrid mattress is the perfect choice for you and your family. However, its price may make you wonder before deciding. But, this memory foam mattress is a product well worth your investment.

2. Eco Green 8″ Natural Latex – Best for Allergy Resistance

Organic Latex RV Mattress - Eco Green 8"

Eco Green 8″ Natural Latex RV Mattress is handcrafted in the USA, with the finest quality 100% natural latex, and reinforced with a lighter CertiPUR-US certified PlushFoam layer

Product Highlight

With high-quality product materials from the US, Eco Green continues to be a single mattress storming the market today. It can be that this bed completely meets the standards of production as well as distribution.

This Eco Green can better distribute body weight by airflow design by reducing pressure points, providing balanced support for the whole body from shoulders, back, hips, and knee.

Moreover, the bed has pure natural latex foam comfort material, so you don’t have to worry about toxic additives and unpleasant odors during use.

You do not need to worry too much about whether the memory foam mattress will sag or break, but it will return to its original shape immediately.

One of the most popular points about this bed is its ability to resist allergens such as bacteria, dust mites, or mold. Therefore, it is the perfect choice for families with loved ones prone to allergies or asthma.

It is impossible not to mention the memory foam mattresses design with many ventilation holes to help circulate air and regulate body temperature to create maximum coolness during your sleep. So you won’t have to worry that the sweat will darken your back every time you wake up.

Finally, one of the must-have features of these single innerspring mattresses is that the bed has the prestigious GreenGuard Gold certification and has passed some of the most stringent chemical emissions requirements in the world. As a result, it will be more secure and suitable for the elderly and children.


  • High-pressure gauge
  • Natural material
  • Advanced foaming technology
  • The least allergenic


  • The price is relatively high

Bottom line

If your family has people with asthma or allergies, Eco Green is the perfect choice for you. Moreover, it will also be suitable for both the elderly and children thanks to entirely natural materials.

3. Elite RV Queen Gel Memory Foam Mattress – Best for Ease of Adjustment

Live & Sleep Elite RV Queen Gel Memory Foam Mattress in a Box – 12 Inch Short Queen Size Firm Mattress, Cool Bed in a Box – CertiPUR Certified

 Product Highlight

Made of soft and high-quality 100% organic cotton, Elite RV Queen offers viewers two optional sleeping surfaces, including a soft gel foam side and a stiffer side with high-density foam. Thanks to that, you can completely adjust your choice just by turning the pressure relief mattress.

Luxury cotton fabric is quite soft, so it receives a lot of love from users due to its ability to regulate temperature and provide suitable humidity that is very environmentally friendly.

Moreover, this memory foam mattress provides safety for you and your family. You will have more confidence because the latex mattresses material has CertiPUR-US certification. After all, it does not contain dangerous chemicals and heavy metals ozone layer reducing agents.

With a professional and long-term production team, every small part of the latex mattresses is meticulously handcrafted, such as foam cutting, border stitching, layering, and final packaging, all made according to US standards.

Finally, we want to mention the unique design that provides incredible support to your spine. You will surely fully enjoy your relaxation time without worrying too much about waking up suddenly in the middle of the night.

In addition, a small note for you during the ordering process is to pay attention to the sizes before adding them to the cart because if you order it wrong and want to return it to the manufacturer, you will be the one to bear the cost.


  • Active foam material with cooling gel
  • Comfortable and with a unique design
  • Safe for the whole family
  • Customize size
  • Free shipping across 48 states
  • Lifetime warranty of up to 20 years


  • There is a fee for switching back to the manufacturer

Bottom line

With soft gel foam material, Elite RV Queen Gel Memory Foam Mattress gives you a completely comfortable sleeping experience. Moreover, it is also very safe for both you and your family.

4. DreamFoam Chill Memory Mattress – Best for Breathability

Dreamfoam Bedding Chill 8″ Gel Memory Foam Mattress, Queen- Made in Arizona

 Product Highlight

DreamFoam Chill Memory continues to be one of the products that are receiving a lot of love from users. You will certainly be no exception with multiple layers of foam and breathable zigzag stitching for a great sleep experience.

What’s more, the memory foam mattress features an advanced stain-resistant fabric on the top that combines easy care with enhanced contouring and optimal cooling. And yet, the mattress depth is variable, making it the perfect solution for all types of sleepers.

Besides, foam mattresses also have many options for you, ranging from 6 inches to 14 inches available. So you can customize the level of firmness to your liking. Here are a few suggestions available to help you:

  • 6-inch and 8-inch: Recommended for customers who have a habit of lying on their stomach or back or who want a solid sleep experience
  • 10-inch: 2-layer gel foam mattress with a firm design. The contoured part is suitable for people lying on their sides or on their backs.
  • 12-inch and 14-inch: a 3-layer mattress with premium VariFlex foam and high-density backing. If the 12-inch version offers the perfect sleeping experience and is globally famous, the 14-inch version offers a medium sleeping surface and is more suitable for side back and stomach sleepers.

In addition, DreamFoam also has a warranty period of up to 10 years, and a free 120-night usage experience in cases of risk or if you are not satisfied when using the memory foam mattress.


  • Reasonable price
  • Open-air technology
  • Easy shipping
  • Long warranty period
  • Various custom designs


  • Up to now, the product has not had any negative feedback from users

Bottom line

In short, with a reasonable price and ease of use, Brooklyn is the perfect choice for you, especially if you are on a low budget.

5. Short Queen RV Gel Memory Foam Mattress – Best for Durability

Short Queen RV Gel Memory Foam Mattress

GhostBed 11 Inch Short Queen RV Mattress, Camper Mattress with Cool Gel Memory Foam and Hybrid Coils – Low Profile, Medium Feel, Made in The USA, Short King

Product Highlight

Short Queen RV Gel Memory Foam Mattress is the perfect bed for customers who often have problems with their spine and is suitable for people of average body weight. The foam material is breathable and can retain and circulate heat for all-night comfort and coolness,

In addition, this material is also very environmentally friendly and has absolute safety because it has been certified by CertiPUR-US. So you will feel more secure when using it without worrying about secrets or unpleasant smells. 

And yet, the coils integrated into the softer mattress have a luxurious quilted coating and ensure you will have a soft and smooth experience during the entire lying process.

Not only that, unlike the old technology with a thin steel wireframe, this affordable memory foam mattress has been upgraded to new technology with a high-quality conduction system. In addition, this best mattress coil provides unsurpassed and unsurpassed comfort all around you.

What’s more, it also supports movement while you’re sleeping and gives you the freedom to move around. As a result, you will have a good night’s rest.

Not only that, with a bearing capacity of up to 500 lbs, it offers maximum outstanding durability. Also, for this reason, you don’t have to worry too much when buying this bed for two people. 

And yet, each part has gone through each stage of meticulous craftsmanship according to professional lines in the United States, so you will not need to worry too much about product quality with all foam mattresses.


  • Comfortable use
  • Long use time
  • The temperature-regulating gel foam material
  • Long warranty


  • Heavyweight

Bottom line

In short, with a reasonable price and ease of use, GhostBeds is the perfect choice for you, especially if you are on a low budget.

Buying Guide

There will be three types of mattresses: Hybrid, foam, and adjustable air.

  • Hybrid: A traditional online mattress with steel coil construction and many different configurations. Some beds have a gel material or add a comfortable pillow cover.

However, in contrast to some other types with less foam, it often makes users uncomfortable when sleeping.

  • Foam: Uses polyurethane to create the foam layer. However, some other manufacturers use rubber and even some other foam mattresses to combine the two materials.

The activated foam softens as your body gives off heat as you lie on it and quickly transfers to your body. When you get up, it will slowly return to its original shape. Some foam cushions require some effort to reposition, but latex foam feels more resilient than activated foam.

  • Adjustable air: noise may occur during sleep with pressure relief


We hope you better understand the top 5 best super singles mattresses. Besides, the article also provides information for you through common questions and some buying guides when choosing a product.

If you have any questions or concerns that need answering, leave a comment, and we will soon send the most suitable answer to you.


What is a super single mattress size?

The size is one of the questions asked by many users. Basically, a single-size mattress will be approximately 20% wider than a regular single mattress topper. The specific size will be about 1.07m for the width and 1.9m for the length.

If you own a large room, this best mattress size is a more suitable choice.

How much does a good single mattress cost?

In general, most innerspring mattresses today will range from over $200 to less than $1500. Yet, high-quality construction and materials can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000, and some cost as little as $180.

However, according to some experts, a mattress topper price of approximately $1000 is a good choice. However, a $400 or $500 bed is also quite suitable if you are on a low budget.

Should I get a queen or a super single?

Considering the choice will depend on your usage needs. If you are alone, choose a super single because a queen bed can be pretty significant. Yet, if you are a young couple, you may select a queen or larger bed with a king-size bed.

What is the difference between super single and single?

As the name implies, the most obvious difference lies in the medium-firm mattress size. In general, a super single-size bed will bring a more spacious and comfortable feeling during use. Moreover, the price of a super version is not too big a difference with pressure relief.

Can two people sleep on a super single?

Of course, this bed can be available for two people, but you will face discomfort when you first sleep because it will be pretty tight. However, if you arrange it well, you will quickly adapt to your sleeping space.