[Top 7] Best Pack n Play Mattress: Review & Guide By Experts

When you are too busy and need to find a safe solution for your child to play alone, the Pack n Play mattress is probably an option for you.

Pack n Play mattress is a playground that gives your child comfort, safety, and convenience if you often have family picnics on weekends. 

In addition, it also brings quite comfortable sleep for children. However, it won’t be easy to choose the mattress. Don’t worry; here are the top 7 best Pack n Play mattresses that you might like:

Our Top Picks

Product ImagesProduct NameDetailsEditor's RatingPrice
Dream On Me, 3 Inch Foam Pack and Play Mattress
  • Size: 3 inch

  • Color: White/Brown

  • Item Weight: 3 pounds
  • 4.9Amazon-Check-Price-button
    hiccapop Pack and Play Mattress Pad
  • Size: 38x26x3.25 Inch

  • Color: Color

  • Layer Material: Memory foam
  • 4.8Amazon-Check-Price-button
    Fitted Foldable Memory Foam Pack n Play Mattress
  • Size: Crib

  • Color: White

  • Item Weight: 2kg
  • 4.8Amazon-Check-Price-button
    NapYou Amazon Exclusive Pack n Play Mattress
  • Size: 37.5 x 26 x 1.5 inches

  • Layer Material: Memory foam

  • Type: Foam Construction
  • 4.8Amazon-Check-Price-button
    Organic Dream Pack and Play Mattress
  • Size: 38 x 3.25 x 26 inch

  • Layer Material: Cotton

  • Color: Cream
  • 4.7Amazon-Check-Price-button
    Milliard Memory Foam Pack N ' Play Mattress
  • Size: 26x38x2 Inch

  • Color: White

  • Item Weight: 1.86 kg
  • 4.6Amazon-Check-Price-button
    Tri-fold Pack n Play Mattress Pad
  • Size: 38x26x2.25 inch

  • Layer Material: Cotton

  • Item Weight: 4.24 pounds
  • 4.6Amazon-Check-Price-button

    The Best Pack n Play Mattress Reviews Of 2022

    After learning some of the advantages of the top 7 best n play mattresses, we will provide you with the most honest reviews of each product.

    #1. Dream On MeBest for Material

    Amazon-Check-Price-buttonProduct’s highlights

    The first in the top 7 products mentioned earlier is the Dream On Me mattress. With material from more than 90% foam combined with 10% vinyl to help you be highly comfortable to use and very easy to maintain.

    Besides, thanks to its excellent waterproofing ability and reduction of liquid or stains or perspiration, you need to wipe it with mild soap and water. In addition, you can also disassemble the cover and then machine wash and dry it.

    Plus, since the mattress has a cover with waterproof stitching that’s easy to wipe clean, you won’t have to worry about your baby coming into contact with harmful germs. 

    Not only that, Dream on Me mattress has Greenguard Gold certification – a standard that ensures low chemical emissions, ensuring safety after passing many tests of toxicity, lead, or flammability.

    Plus, with a snug fit and 3-inch length, Dream on me offers your child endless comfort and respite during playtime. Not only that, but the Dream On Me mattress is also to resist mildew and avoid odors. And yet, the Dream On Me Pack n Play mattress is one of the perfect products for your baby’s tender skin that you are probably looking for.

    This mattress is a foam form, so it will minimize the noise caused by the baby moving or turning over. It will also help your baby sleep more comfortably and avoid noise that wakes him up in the middle.

    Finally, the company’s mattress products are all made in the United States, so the quality is always the best and can meet strict safety requirements.


    • Comfortable, easy to use
    • Fit size
    • Easy cleaning
    • Good quality


    • Some customers think that the mattress is quite hard

    Bottom line

    Overall, for less than $50, you own your child a comfortable and quality mattress with a certain level of safety. Besides, the mattress has good waterproofing ability, so you will not worry about musty or unpleasant odors while using it.

    #2. Hiccapop Pack Mattress Pad – Best for Waterproof

    Amazon-Check-Price-buttonProduct’s highlights

    The hiccapop is the perfect 38x26x3.25 Inches with rounded corners to fit your child’s multiple playgrounds. Besides, Hiccappop is the first choice for children, especially for their growing growth, thanks to the optimal design.

    If your baby is an infant, one front side of the mattress provides just the right amount of firmness for an infant. For a toddler, flip it over to the other side with a softer material thanks to the foam, CertiPUR-USA high-density activity.

    Besides, the mattress has a super soft Jacquard shell that is waterproof and highly safe, hypoallergenic for babies. In addition, thanks to its porous nature, the mattress also ensures that it does not have an unpleasant odor.

    Thanks to the quality zipper link, the Pack n Play mattress is resistant to liquids and dirt, and you can altogether remove it for washing and machine drying.

    And yet, the mattress gives your baby more resounding support and more comfort, thanks to a thickness of 3.25 inches. Combined with the standard mattress size makes Hiccapop a perfect choice for any crib with a play mattress pad.

    In addition, thanks to the CertiPUR-USA protective seal, you will not have to worry too much about the quality and safety of the mattress because it has passed quite a few tests for durability and ensuring that no chemicals are available. Toxic fire retardant.


    • Elegant and soft design
    • Quality zippers
    • Waterproof and washable
    • Guaranteed quality and safety


    • The mattress is suitable for children from 5 months and up.

    Bottom line

    With effective waterproof ability, Hiccapop is a perfect choice for your child. Surely it will make you extremely satisfied with its easy cleaning ability and convenient double-sided foam mattress.

    #3. Fitted Foldable Memory FoamBest for Portability

    Amazon-Check-Price-buttonProduct’s highlights

    Completely different from the two products introduced to you earlier, this mattress has three play mattress pads to be folded after use. So, this soft mattress helps you save storage space and has a spacious playground for your child.

    Not only that, thanks to the active foam structure that has received the protective seal of Certipur-USA, it has brought the necessary stability and safety. Moreover, you can ultimately ensure that your child’s spine will not be affected.

    In general, the design of the mattress is unique and brings a lot of conveniences.

    Besides, the super-soft foam material will give your baby a good night’s sleep without worrying about your baby waking up in the middle of the night with a play mattress pad.

    In addition, the soft mattress has a thickness of 3 inches that fits and ensures and provides the necessary balance for the child.

    Plus, thanks to the multi-slot design and polyester waterproof cover that’s completely removable for washing, you’re sure to keep your child’s sleeping space around them neat and clean.

    Finally, thanks to the folding feature, it will be very convenient to take your children out or have a picnic. , the play mattress won’t be bulky; fold it and put it in a suitcase for easy storage with the mattress topper.


    • Active foam material
    • Multi-slot design
    • Giusp protects children’s spine
    • Removable and washable inside


    • Need to spray fragrance for the mattress regularly

    Bottom line

    At a reasonable price, UBBCARE is one of the mattress brands you should consider using, especially if it is highly suitable if you are planning to take your child on a long trip or a picnic foreign.

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    #4. NapYou Amazon ExclusiveBest for Ease of Use


    Product’s highlights

    Next and similar to the product just mentioned earlier is a folding mattress – the NapYou Pack n Play mattress. You may not know that NapYou is one of the mattresses that experts and users highly rate, and it is also in the top 10 for the best folding mattress in 2021.

    Through its foldable structure, it makes the mattress more portable and easier to carry around wherever you need to go somewhere.

    The mattress comes with a convenient carry-on bag, so folding the Pack n Play mattress and putting it in a bag is more convenient. Thanks to that, you also don’t need to worry about storage space if your room is relatively narrow.

    The size of the mattress is also very suitable and safe with the material of soft polyester mixed foam, creating a comfortable feeling for the baby while sleeping.

    The outside of the mattress is covered with an organic cotton waterproof cover with a unique color design, bringing a new sense and relatively safe for the baby.

    Another difference compared to previous products is that the thickness of the mattress is only 1.5 inches. In fact, the standard thickness required is 3 inches, which is not bad, but you need to consider children with too much weight.


    • Optima foldable
    • Soft organic cotton material
    • Convenient carry bag
    • Safe for baby


    • Thickness is not qualified

    Bottom line

    With a unique design and exciting plaid colors, the NapYou mattress also comes with a convenient storage bag that you can fold and store whenever you want.

    #5. Organic Dream Pack and Play MattressBest for Endurance

    Amazon-Check-Price-buttonProduct’s highlights

    As the name implies, the mattress has received organic certification thanks to its safe and easy-to-use mattress material.

    Besides, the Pack n Play mattress is in the United States. The fabrics used are all domestic and extremely high quality. In particular, Organic play mattresses also have a double-sided design that is suitable for babies and toddlers.

    One side of the mattress will be thicker and firmer to fit babies, while the other side of the soft foam material will be more suitable for toddlers. Thus, Organic is a mattress that can follow children on their journey of development and growth.

    In addition, the mattress is also very soft and breathable to reduce the risk of suffocation if your baby has a habit of sleeping on his stomach.

    Moreover, suppose similar products often have vinyl or PVC surfaces or even heavy fireproof materials. In that case, Organic play mattresses have a 100% organic cotton waterproof cover, which is highly suitable for the Children’s sensitive and reactive skin.

    Besides, the mattress is exceptionally water-resistant and can be washed whenever you want. With just one action, remove it and put it in the washing machine; you will keep your baby’s sleeping space clean and cool, giving them a safe sleep all night with a mattress protector.


    • Reasonable price
    • Using high-quality domestic fabric
    • Antibacterial material
    • The waterproof cover makes the mattress easy to clean


    • Some people think that the mattress is quite thick

    Bottom line

    Organic play mattresses will provide breathable technology and certified organic baby safe so your baby can sleep through the night without waking up in the middle. Not only that, with domestic materials in the United States, it will ensure a durable and firm Pack n Play mattress.

    #6. Milliard Memory Foam Pack N ‘ PlayBest for Softness

    Amazon-Check-Price-buttonProduct’s highlights

    With a reasonably large size and a weight of less than 2kg, the Milliard mattress has the same design as a memory foam mattress used in an adult bed, giving children a comfortable feeling when lying down.

    Because the mattress is quite broad, children can move freely while sleeping without worrying about slipping off the mattress.

    Moreover, like Graco pack, this Pack n Play mattress has a waterproof surface and an anti-allergic cover for the baby’s skin, so you don’t need to worry too much if your baby has easily irritated skin.

    Also, the Pack n Play mattress cover is removable and washable whenever you want. So make sure the mattress will always be clean and breathable while avoiding harmful bacteria that can affect the baby.

    Not only that, the Milliard portable crib mattress has CertiPUR-US certification for 100% breathability and optimal heat reduction, so children will be very comfortable when lying down.

    In addition, thanks to the unique Roll-N-Carry feature, it has brought convenience and ease whenever you need to take it anywhere.

    It’s simple, with one operation, roll it up and then use the bonus cord around the blanket and tie it in place. However, while it is pretty easy to carry and store, the Roll-N-Carry feature can hardly keep your portable crib mattress clean compared to the included bags like the products mentioned above.

    Of course, the mattress is completely machine washable and dry, so you won’t need to worry too much about keeping your bed clean.


    • Reasonable price
    • Designed like a milliard memory foam pack
    • Waterproof and washable lid
    • The ability to ventilate and avoid mold
    • Unique Roll-N-Carry Feature


    • Has a chemical smell in the first days of use

    Bottom line

    A foam mattress is less than $50 but has brought extremely outstanding and unique features, and indeed Milliard is the perfect choice for your baby.

    #7. Tri-fold Pack n PlayBest for Compactness

    Amazon-Check-Price-buttonProduct’s highlights

    Finally, there is a sturdy Hiccapop brand product with a highly convenient foldable Pack n Play mattress. One of the features that make up this company’s brand is the optimal design of a double Pack n Play mattress to suit the growing needs of children. 

    For babies, put a firmer mattress on the front and vice versa for toddlers. Bones are more robust, so choose a softer surface in front. Also, thanks to this feature, you will ensure the safety of the child’s spine.

    Besides, with the size of 32 * 26 inches, the portable crib mattress is a perfect choice for corresponding cribs, helping children comfortably play in the crib without worrying about slipping. Not only that, the mattress corners have a soft rounded design while supporting the edge to fit all types of cribs.

    Thanks to the folding feature of the mattress, it is altogether more convenient for you to move or go out somewhere. With a stylish attached carry bag, you can put the mattress in it and take it wherever you want with great convenience.

    Moreover, the Pack n Play mattress has an exclusive Jacquard cover that is waterproof with soft, non-irritating materials for babies.

    It also combines with a strong lock by a stitched link to help prevent liquid from entering the waterproof mattress intestine. Besides, this zipper makes it possible to remove the cover at any time and wash it.


    • Convenient to move
    • Perfect firmness for babies
    • Waterproof and hypoallergenic


    • The mattress thickness is quite thin

    Bottom line

    The Hiccapop Tri-fold mattress is suitable for both babies and toddlers with its optimal and convenient dual mattress design.

    Overall, with a price of less than $60, this mattress has received many positive reviews and love from users. So it is a perfect choice for you.

    Buying Guide For The Best Pack n Play Mattress

    Once you’ve learned more about the pros and cons of the products we’ve covered just before, here are a few ways to choose the mattress that’s best for you. Surely these tips will be constructive for you, especially new parents.


    First, you need to pay attention to the safety of the Pack n Play mattress you choose. Since your children are all babies or toddlers, it is essential to ensure their safety.

    Today, all products on the market are certified organic, Greenguard Gold, or CertiPUR-US to ensure that combustible materials are not harmful or lead.


    Next, when choosing, make sure your mattress has portability. As its name is “pack & play,” the mattress needs to be easy and convenient in the process of moving, especially for families who often travel.

    In addition, you can consider choosing a folding mattress because, when used, it will save storage space for your home and have a large area for your child to be as comfortable as possible. However, make sure you open it very carefully.

    Mattress construction and design

    Next, pay attention to the structure of the mattress for your child. Usually, there are two types of bed: a single mattress and a double structure mattress.

    However, dual play mattresses receive a lot of love because they have a challenging side for babies and a soft side for toddlers. Thus, a double mattress can be more cost-effective than a single mattress because it can closely monitor the growth and development of children.

    Material and breathability

    First of all, about the breathability from the mattress material. Usually, play mattresses with cotton or vinyl covers are breathable. 

    However, cotton covers are better for children and avoid allergies because children’s skin is relatively thin and easily irritated.

    Besides, when children have a habit of lying on their stomachs, a breathable mattress will help them not suffocate while sleeping.

    Besides, you should consider that the inner lining of the Pack n Play mattress has foam material to ensure softness when the baby sleeps so that the child is exceptionally comfortable and does not wake up in the middle.

    Waterproof ability

    Finally, please pay attention to choosing products with waterproof materials because it will help your mattress avoid moldy and foul odors.


    After learning about the top 7 best Pack n Play mattresses and ways to choose the best mattress, a few frequently asked questions below can help you learn more:

    How can I make my Pack n Play more comfortable?

    To make your mattress more comfortable, a straightforward way you can do it is to remove all the accessories inside the n play pack. You need to make sure the area around your baby is not potentially dangerous while your baby is sleeping. 

    Maybe your baby will like the toy, but it’s not good while sleeping. So please clean up your toys or any accessories and put them in the bag to ensure ventilation, safety, and absolute comfort.

    Do The Pack n Play need sheets?

    Pack’ n Play doesn’t seem to come with a mattress or a sheet. Also, for this reason, it is pretty scratchy. If you plan to use it as a crib, one suggestion is to own an extra bed sheet or even simply a comforter to help your baby sleep better.

    Can you raise the bottom of a Pack n Play?

    The answer is absolutely world. Basically, in the middle of the Pack n Play is always equipped with a raised head. Your job is to push it down and collapse it to its original position. Also, once you have the end locked, insert a pad under it.

    How do you sanitize a Pack n Play?

    With just three steps, you can easily clean your mattress:

    • First, fill the tub with hot water
    • Then use a cleaning solution that is suitable and safe for your baby’s skin. Pour the solution into the water.
    • Finally, soak the mattress for at least 10 minutes in the tub.

    How long can babies sleep in Pack n Play?

    Of course, Pack n Play is a perfect choice for your baby’s sleep. What’s more, if you choose a crib that fits, this mattress can bond with your baby entirely for the first year of life.

    Final Words

    We hope that you can choose the most suitable product in the top 7 best Pack n Play mattresses mentioned before. Finally, we hope that the information that the article has provided will help you.

    If you have any questions, leave a comment below this article, and you will soon receive your answer. Thank you for reading!

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