[Top 6] Best Coccyx Pillow For 2022: Top Picks & Buying Guides

As we age over time, the body will gradually appear aging. Along with the high intensity of work and sedentary behavior, we quickly feel the pain.

They range from sciatica, arthritis, low back pain, or tailbone pain. If there is no improvement, this abuse will significantly reduce your quality of life.

Fortunately, the coccyx cushions have appeared to ease the pain mentioned above. It not only gives you a pleasant feeling but also distributes pressure relief on the components.

Via this article, we’ve compiled a list and feature analysis of the top coccyx pillows on the market for you to choose from. Along with that are shopping tips and notable factors when selecting a mattress.

Our Top Picks

Are you in a hurry? The comparison table below has summarized the main characteristics of the top products to help you evaluate and choose the product.

Product ImagesProduct NameDetailsEditor's RatingPrice
ComfiLife Seat Cushion - Best for Overall
  • Color: Gray.

  • Item Weight: 1.45 Pounds

  • Dimensions: 17.6 x 13.8 x 2.75

  • Shape: Semicircular
  • 4.9Amazon-Check-Price-button
    5 STARS UNITED Pillow - Best for Donut Pillows
  • Color: Black

  • Material: Memory Foam, Rubber

  • Dimensions: 16 x 13 x 2.75

  • Shape: Oval
  • 4.9Amazon-Check-Price-button
    Everlasting Comfort Pillow - Best for Heat Responsive Feature
  • Color: Black

  • Material: Memory Foam

  • Item Weight: 1.5 Pounds

  • Dimensions: 17.5 x 13.5 x 2.75
  • 4.8Amazon-Check-Price-button
    Kieba Coccyx Seat Cushion - Best for Car Seat
  • Color: Black

  • Material: Memory Foam

  • Item Weight: 2.8 Pounds

  • Dimensions: 14 x 18 x 3
  • 4.8Amazon-Check-Price-button
    WAOAW Seat Cushion - Best for Tight Budget
  • Color: Black

  • Material: Memory Foam.

  • Item Weight: 1.4 Pounds.

  • Dimensions: 17.41 x 13.95 x 3.03
  • 4.7Amazon-Check-Price-button
    OVEYNERSIN Chair Cushion - Best for Honeycomb Vent Design
  • Material: Memory Foam

  • Item Weight: 1.4 Pounds

  • Dimensions: 17.71 x 13.78 x 2.75.

  • 4.6Amazon-Check-Price-button

    In-Depth Reviews Of The Best Coccyx Pillow 2022

    It will be challenging to choose the right coccyx cushion based on just a few basic parameters. You need to understand the features as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the product.

    Read our detailed analysis, and it helps you make your decision faster and easier.

    #1. ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion – Best For Overall

    best coccyx pillow 1 - ComfiLife Seat Cushion


    Product Highlights

    The ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion is the first product that any office worker should own. It’s quality, easy to use, and comes at an incredibly accessible price point.

    This type of mattress not only acts as a support device, but it can do much more. The manufacturer uses quality materials that help support the body while aligning it correctly. These coccyx cushions are perfect for chronic tailbone pain or looking for a more comfortable sitting position.

    The high-density memory foam aligns the shape of the pillow to your body curves. It provides pain relief for those who spend hours sitting at a desk.

    The gel texture regulates the temperature very well. One problem that many people worry about when using the tailbone cushion is that moisture and high temperature lead to hot dryness. As for this product, it keeps you cool all day long.

    Better yet, you can also use ComfiLife pillows while driving. The non-slip rubber bottom ensures the pad stays in place and stays securely in place no matter how long you sit. The product comes in two color variants, black and gray. If you do not want to spend a lot of time cleaning, choose black.

    The coating of this memory foam cushion is machine washable, so you don’t need to worry if you accidentally spill coffee or food on it.


    • Reasonable price.
    • Removable cover.
    • Cooling and comfortable gel construction.
    • Versatile use.
    • Non-slip rubber bottom.


    • It lacks firmness.

    Bottom line

    The ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion offers sciatica and tailbone pain relief at a very affordable price point. Many reviews and reviews on e-commerce platforms also show the love of customers for this product.

    #2. 5 STARS UNITED Donut Pillow Tailbone – Best For Donut Pillows

    best coccyx pillow 2 - 5 STARS UNITED Pillow


    Product Highlights

    The 5 STARS UNITED Donut Pillows offer effective pain relief for those who suffer from tailbone pain or hemorrhoids.

    The material of this seat cushion is wholly made of memory foam. It is soft and hugs your body curves for maximum comfort. The shape of the product is like a lovely donut with a handy U-shaped cutout. Thanks to that, it does not put too much pressure on your sensitive areas.

    You can buy this memory foam seat cushion without a particular prescription from your doctor. It is suitable for almost any office chair.

    With long-term use, this soft cushion helps relieve pressure on the lower body and relieve pain for people with hemorrhoids.

    You need to keep in mind when buying 5 STARS UNITED pillows because it is heat reactive. When sitting long enough, the product will absorb the heat on your body and begin to soften. The breathable mesh wrap acts as air circulation and does not trap heat to keep you cool.

    The anti-slip sole grips the surface very well. Many people frequently complain about sliding out of the chair when using supportive cushions. With this product, the problem will no longer exist.


    • Multifunctional memory foam pillow.
    • Suitable for office chairs and car seats.
    • The donut shape prevents any pressure on the rectum.
    • Good ventilation.
    • Lightweight and portable.


    • It might be too thin for heavy-framed people.

    Bottom line

    Many experts believe that using donut cushions will bring many benefits to your health. 5 STARS UNITED is a proud brand from the US, and we can completely trust the quality of their products.

    If I had to use three words to rate these coccyx pillows, they would be portable, supportive, and high-quality.

    #3. Everlasting Comfort Cushion – Best For Heat Responsive Feature

    best coccyx pillow 3 - Everlasting Comfort Pillow


    Product Highlights

    Consider the Everlasting Comfort chair cushion for those who want a more comfortable sitting experience but don’t want to buy a new office chair.  It is very effective in reducing pain and fatigue even when you sit for hours at a time.

    The innovative features of these seat cushions set it apart from the competition.

    Advanced U-shaped ergonomic design with feedback technology according to your body heat provides ideal support. It adapts the temperature perfectly to mold into a shape that hugs everybody’s curve.

    A plus point is that you don’t have to worry that this best coccyx cushion deflates after a while of use. Its material is highly responsive memory foam to return the product to its original shape after each use.

    This material also can reduce coccyx pain immediately. You can quickly feel it promote and support a firmer sitting posture while supporting your lower body down to your legs. Even if you have to work for hours, you will not be tired.

    The weight of this seat cushion is just enough for you to take it anywhere. It also protects you from unnecessary annoyances, like cleaning, with a washable cover. The standard non-slip rubber bottom keeps the product firmly in place no matter how you leave it on any surface.


    • It keeps you cool while sitting.
    • Optimal support in all areas.
    • Versatile uses and installations.
    • Certified safe materials.
    • It can prevent unwanted bottom sweats.


    • Expensive price tag.

    Bottom line

    Now, you will no longer have to suffer from back pain and bruised tailbone when using Everlasting Comfort coccyx cushions. The product comes in five different colors to suit your diverse personality and preferences.

    Although its price is a bit high compared to the common ground, the value you get is entirely worth it.

    #4. Kieba Coccyx Orthopedic Tailbone Pillow – Best For Car Seats

    best coccyx pillow 4 - Kieba Coccyx Seat Cushion


    Product Highlights

    Those looking for an affordable coccyx cushion choice for their car can refer to products of the Kieba brand.

    These best coccyx cushions have a snug fit to address and soothe your low back pain. The non-slip rubber pad grips firmly on all surfaces and ensures you won’t slowly slide out of the car seat while driving.

    The total area of ​​​​the mattress is also much more extensive than competitors in the market. So it gives you more sitting space and has a higher bearing capacity after prolonged sitting.

    At first glance, the product looks relatively modest with a soft black velvet cover and sturdy design. When you sit up, you can immediately feel the memory foam hugging your body. The added gel gives a feeling of freshness and keeps the bottom temperature constant.

    Another plus when buying from Kieba is its excellent return and customer support policy. The company is ready to refund the total amount or exchange it for free if you are not satisfied with the quality of the product. This service is quite rare and has a high value if you compare the average price of these mattresses.


    • It helps maintain your healthy posture.
    • Good back support and tailbone relief.
    • Machine washable cover.
    • Cooling gel is available.
    • Reasonable price.


    • It is not a U-shaped pillow.

    Bottom line

    When you compare Kieba Coccyx Cushions with most gel and memory foam pads on the market, you will notice the difference.

    This product has a sturdy design with a spacious sitting space that is exceptionally suitable for heavy users or those who often have to drive long distances. It meets all the requirements to be the best supportive car seat cushion on this list.

    #5. WAOAW Sciatica Desk Chair – Best For Tight Budget

    best coccyx pillow 5 - WAOAW Seat Cushion


    Product Highlights

    Standing fifth on our list is a product from WAOAW. It has a fantastic price but still has enough capacity to meet your needs well.

    You need a better choice when sitting for people who spend more than eight hours a day working like office workers or long-distance drivers.

    Memory foam seat cushion is the most suitable choice. Memory foam material provides elasticity and adjusts your body for proper posture.

    The U-shaped design reduces pressure on the tailbone and legs. Now you won’t have to suffer back and hip pain after working for so long anymore.

    This type of cushion is also highly compatible with various chairs, such as office chairs or gaming chairs.

    The cover material is machine washable. The side panels have handy zippers for easy cover removal and cleaning. We recommend that you clean your mattress regularly to avoid the growth and spread of bacteria.

    WAOAW is very subtle when adding a handle to the outside of the product’s carrying bag. You can take it anywhere, travel or business, to enjoy a comfortable sitting experience.

    The luxurious look makes this pad a suitable gift for a partner, relative, or friend. They will undoubtedly be delighted and surprised to receive it.


    • Cheap price tag.
    • Relieving tailbone pain.
    • Easy to clean.
    • Portable and lightweight.
    • A good present for your family and friends.


    • It might be too narrow.

    Bottom line

    At a budget price, the WAOAW lumbar support pillow surprised us a lot with its quality. It has good support and commendable durability. The WAOAW is also an excellent gift for your relatives and friends.

    #6. OVEYNERSIN Comfortable Pillow – Best For Honeycomb Vent Design

    best coccyx pillow 6 - OVEYNERSIN Chair Cushion


    Product Highlights

    Last but not least, we have an OVEYNERSIN memory foam seat cushion.

    The design of this pad is highly unique and novel. It sinks slightly inward to serve the purpose of relieving pressure and relaxing the vertebrae in your body. The proprietary memory foam feels and reshapes to create a fit for your body.

    The manufacturer has punched many small holes in the surface of the memory foam to make the product more comfortable and breathable. You won’t see this feature in any other product we’ve introduced. The holes allow for faster air circulation and good heat dissipation, keeping the user feeling cool all the time.

    Standard U-shaped design helps relieve herniated disc, sciatica, tailbone injury, or other pain caused by prolonged lack of movement. It is an appropriate choice for those who spend a lot of time sitting in a chair.

    According to professional medical advice, you can use the OVEYNERSIN mattress to support spinal alignment and improve blood circulation throughout the day. The lack of movement makes the lower part of your body numb, causing persistent pain.

    Another great use of the product is as a kneeling cushion for yoga or meditation sessions. This product comes with bright and unique colors that can lift your spirits after a tiring day.


    • Unique honeycomb design.
    • Four colorful choices.
    • Good customer service.
    • Suitable for daily use.
    • Multi-functional applications.


    • Non-slip rubber bottom can stain seats.

    Bottom line

    For OVEYNERSIN, customer satisfaction is the most crucial factor. This brand offers excellent customer care and after-sales service.

    Buying Guides

    To choose the best seat cushion, you will need to pay attention and consider many factors. It will help you make a decision that is more suitable for you.

    best coccyx pillow tips for buying best coccyx cushion

    Tips for buying coccyx cushions


    The actual effectiveness of pillows depends a lot on the material from which it is made. Material is a significant factor in how well you form your body, and support the parts with long-term use.

    Each manufacturer has its own choice. Many places only use foam primarily, while a few other brands combine foam and gel for added benefits.

    Memory foam is the best choice, thanks to its ability to remember your body shape. It will hug very closely and is suitable for all subjects. The softness and resilience of this material are also just enough.

    If you tend to get hot when you sit for long periods, look for gel-based pillows. It will make a big difference to your experience.


    There are two types of coccyx cushions commonly found on the market, donuts and U-shaped. Depending on your personal choice and comfort level, make the decision that works best for you.

    Donut-shaped pillows have a hole in the middle to support your entire body without putting pressure on the anal and surrounding area. It is suitable for those who suffer from hemorrhoids and want to relieve the pain.

    U-shaped pillows provide firmer support for the foot and the area underneath. It helps to correct your posture better so that you don’t feel tired.

    You can refer to the difference between these two models in the video below.


    These pillows can support you to use them for hours. Therefore, they are easy to get dirty. Long-term accumulation of dust and dirt creates an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and even causes musty odors.

    You need to look for a product that has a removable cover and is machine washable. Another vital factor that you need to pay attention to is your ability to breathe and circulate air.

    When sitting on a mattress for a long time, your body tends to heat up over time and gradually becomes moist. If the product does not have good breathability, it can easily lead to mold.

    Fortunately, most of the seat cushions we recommend have such features.


    Do not forget to consider the size of the product when you want to choose the right tailbone cushion. You need to consult your own body to find the best product size. Some pillows are large, while others are much smaller and narrower.

    Those who are underweight, usually under 180 lbs, will find the mattress firmer than usual. In contrast, heavy-framed people over 250 lbs felt the surface much softer when sitting on it.

    Most mattress types are sized to fit most users. However, to be more sure, you should carefully read consumer reviews before making a choice.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    This section will help answer frequently asked questions about using a coccyx mattress.

    Place coccyx cushions on car seats

    Place coccyx cushions on car seats

    What Are The Using Tips Of A Coccyx Seat Cushion?

    You can refer to some more common tips to use most cushions more comfortably.

    • Use in conjunction with a backrest: For the best support, consider using the product with a chair with a backrest. It helps to relieve pressure on your tailbone and improve posture by elevating your hips slightly.
    • Use in conjunction with a belt: If you have back pain but still have to drive, the best way is to combine the cushion with the belt. It will fix your spine in the proper position and cause no pain with movement.
    • Combine heat and ice packs: A tip for anyone who’s just had an injury or surgery is to insert an ice or heat pack inside the sheath. In addition to helping you sit longer without pain, it also helps calm swelling.
    • Use multiple cushions at once: It’s best to use at least three at a time, at home, office, and car.

    How Often Should You Replace Your Coccyx Pillows?

    Depending on the quality of the product you buy, its lifespan will vary. We all know that not all mattresses are created equal. The top-of-the-line options can last for five years or more without sacrificing shape and stiffness too much.

    If you choose poor-quality products, the life expectancy is often much shorter. The worst-case scenario is that your newly purchased mattress deflates and shrinks rapidly after only a few uses.

    The best advice for you is to choose high-quality products with a medium price range. Those with a better financial situation can opt for higher-end devices.

    Are Coccyx Bone Seat Cushions Worth It?

    Yes, they are. These models work exceptionally well in reducing pressure on the tailbone and lower back while aligning and supporting the rest of the spine.

    The unique shape allows the coccyx to hang in the air without the pressure pushing it from the bottom. Thanks to that, it helps to reduce tension and expand very well.

    Compared to having to sit on a hard chair with a rough surface, this solution ultimately prevails.

    Final Thoughts

    Tailbone pain or spinal pain is an obsession for many people. To relieve this pain, you need to use a coccyx cushion. It gives outstanding support and adjusts your sitting posture to your liking.

    We hope that our article can help you choose the most suitable product for yourself. Our biggest aim is to see you healthy with the best quality of life.

    Thank you for reading!

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