Are Tempurpedic Mattresses Hot To Sleep On? The Ultimate Answer

Tempurpedic is one of the most high-end and high-quality mattresses on the market. However, some consumers are afraid that they may not be cool enough to some extent despite their comfort. 

Are Tempurpedic mattresses hot to sleep on? The short answer is yes because their materials include memory foam, which is heat-absorbent and reflective. 

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Are Tempurpedic Mattresses Hot To Sleep On? 

The bad news is yes! They are made of memory foam, absorbing heat and reflecting the temperature. 

In other words, they may not work effectively in controlling your body’s temperature and cause uncomfortable sweats during your sleep.

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It's hot to lie on.

It’s hot to lie on.

Why Are Tempurpedic Mattresses Flaming To Lie On? 

Although the manufacturer advertises that these mattresses are temperature friendly, they effectively regulate body temperature. 

You should be aware that these products essentially contain memory foam. It is a polyurethane foam type that blends with other chemicals to create a viscose and thick material. 

This material can trap the heat from your body and then utilize it to configure the foam molecules again. 

The purpose of this reconfiguration is to offer an adaptive surface for your sleep, which aids in lessening pressure areas and bringing an extensive enveloping and hugging feeling.

For this reason, you will surely feel comfortable when sleeping on these mattresses at first, but then you also sweat at night because of heat retention

This situation worsens when you live in hot climate areas. Your body often produces hot flashes and night sweats, resulting in intermittent periods of sleep, especially in the summer season. 

Thus, many consumers report that they don’t feel relaxed and comfortable even when using high-end products advertised to improve their sleep quality. 

Sleeping on Tempurpedic

Sleeping on Tempurpedic 

How To Cool Down Tempurpedic Mattresses To Sleep On?

Is there any way to reduce the warmth retention of Tempurpedic foam mattresses? Yes, of course! Here are the most useful tricks to refer to:

Use Mattress Toppers

It is the fastest and most economical way to make your mattress cooler. Their price is much lower than buying a new high-end product from the Tempurpedic brand.

Toppers are thin layers used to put on the surface of a memory foam mattress to change the bedding feel when you lie on it. 

They are commonly made of polyfoam, latex, or other materials such as wool, down, or feathers. Your mattress may become cooler and more comfortable depending on the materials of the toppers. 

In general, the thickness of these products varies from 1 to 4 inches for you to choose from. For instance, if you want to keep cool, look for a topper made of gel-infused latex, memory foam, or other cool and breathable materials.

Some types come with various temperature management characteristics, including breathable designs, phase-change substances, and heat-controlled water tubes.

If you want to discover more cooling toppers, you can watch this video:

Use Pads

Apart from toppers, you can consider using mattress pads. They are extremely thin fabric covers that prevent your mattress from wear and tear. 

They won’t greatly alter the comfort of your bed because of their thin nature, but they can aid with cooling for sure. 

These pads should be absorbent and composed of a soft, cool, fiber-like natural fabric. Some can also aid with sweat-wicking, making the bed seem cooler.

Use Cooling Sheets

They work as buffers between the memory foam surface and the sleepers. The texture and fabric of sheets may have a big impact on your cooling feeling. 

There are a variety of cooling sheets available, each with a distinct structure that can put you in a sleep cooler. 

These items are usually moisture-wicking, which means they help to drain perspiration away for better comfort and coolness.

Control The Temperature In Your Bedroom

Controlling the environment in your bedroom is a great idea to make your mattress cooler. You should let the windows open and buy a ceiling or floor fan to keep steady airflow and lower temperatures.

Purchase A New Mattress

If you try all methods mentioned above, but they don’t work, it’s time to invest in another mattress. 



Which Tempurpedic Mattresses Sleep Cool? 

If you decide to replace your old memory foam mattresses with new ones to bring a comfortable sleep experience for you. Check the list below: 

  • Tempur Luxe Breeze
  • Tempur Luxe Adapt
  • Tempur Adapt
  • Tempur Pro Adapt
  • Tempur ProBreeze
  • Tempur Cloud

Tempur Luxe Breeze

Tempur Luxe Breeze

In A Nutshell

This article has completely solved the commonly asked question: Are Tempurpedic mattresses hot to sleep on?

Again and again, they contain memory foam, a temperature absorbent, and reflective material. It causes discomfort and sweats at night. 

If you can’t stand your current mattress, investing in a better one is better. Hopefully, this post will be helpful for you!

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