About Us

This is ELKIE & ARK

David Ark and I established ELKIE & ARK with a small home decoration, furniture store in California. We were tired of the high-pressure sales tactics that are common online today so we set out to create an experience where people could have comfort while shopping for their homes online.

From humble beginnings, we’ve strived to be one of the most trusted destinations for home decoration. Our goal remains constant: To create a better everyday life for everyone by empowering them with their own stories and telling those through ELKIE & ARK. We may have come a long way since then but what stays true is how much easier it has become each time you visit us.

Our mission has always been “eliminating confusion” in order to provide incredible value for customers by providing quality products at affordable prices without compromising either part – every product’s design focuses equally as much effort into creating an amazing user interface for an easy online shopping experience.

With our passion for life at home, we have created a culture built on enthusiasm and togetherness. We love customers and believe that style should never cost more. So we are constantly looking to do things better to bring you amazing deals on designer-inspired designs every day – because it’s not just about having a home; it’s also the values they deserve.

We are fascinated with life at home that is what built us, Ark and I, and also what makes ELKIE & ARK. We want to learn how people can make their homes better so they have the chance for a great living space. Until these days, we have created a team with a huge collection to inspire customers with ideas of how their interior look like, where they can find the perfect blend for any space from traditional looks into more modern designs as well! We pay attention not only to what goes inside each piece but also how those pieces can harmonize together beautifully in your home – giving you an opportunity you never had before: Design Your Dream House!